The Price of a Poorly Scheduled Patient Appointment

A True Story of Patient Experience Gone Wrong and 3 Ways to Make it Right In one short year, everyone in the healthcare industry has experienced radical, upheaval. (Much of it painful. Some of it surprisingly positive.) It’s important to clarify that, when I say that,...

Planning the Perfect CX Strategy?

Here are 5 Things You Probably Forgot Advice on initiating, launching, and perfecting CX strategy is everywhere. Everywhere. Problem is, it’s not all good or useful advice. Bigger problem: even the best advice might not get you where you need to go. You can have...

How Some Brands are Spending 90% Less on Customer Growth

The events of the past year caused dramatic disruptions in consumer behaviors. While many were obvious and, potentially, short-term, other changes were a lot tougher for brands to notice or easily understand. When brick-and-mortar retailers were forced close their...

6 Questions (and 4 Best Practices) to Guide Your CX 2021 Initiatives

How well do you know – I mean really know – what your customers want and need most from your brand right now? It’s a tricky question to answer. When business consultant Adrian Swinscoe recently tackled it, he drew on lessons he’s been learning from a number of CX...

Stop Overlooking the Most Powerful CX Tool You Have: Your Own Mindset

No one said the path forward in 2021 would be easy. Over the past several months, a growing number of research studies points to the extreme customer upheaval many brands have endured. As consumers were increasingly disappointed by the brands they patronized, they...

5 Super Smart, Deceptively Simple Rules for Tackling Your CX Reboot

After the year we’ve all experienced, many American brands are taking a long, hard look at their current CX performance. In the wake of COVID many organizations are still sorting through the data to understand where their customers are today. For most, this will lead...

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