It’s Time to Look Beyond Brand Loyalty

It’s Time to Look Beyond Brand Loyalty The 6 ways consumers build long-lasting connections (and more profitable relationships) with the brands they love In their newly released 2022 Brand Intimacy Report, MBLM has expanded their decade-long investigation into the...

No, Your Agent Retention Programs Aren’t Really Working

“You can make or break a brand relationship in a single conversation…” That was an opening sentence that caught my eye the other day. Instantly, I thought, "Agreed!" It was an article about the tumultuous shifts that contact centers – and the brands that depend on...

These 5 Emerging CX Trends Will Determine Your Brand’s Success

These 5 Emerging CX Trends Will Determine Your Brand's Success Get the breakdown from North America’s leader in customer care. For North American brands and the customer care teams who support them, 2020 launched a period of upheaval, unforeseen challenges, and wildly...

Say goodbye to the old type of contact center

In their recent 2021 survey of contact center leaders, Deloitte Digital explores how post-pandemic contact centers are rapidly evolving into customer experience (CX) hubs. The survey is well worth the read, outlining 5 critical findings. For me, the most striking...

Your CX Secret Weapon

I don’t know your number. But I have a good guess it’s not small. Recently, I came across an article by Peter Dooley about the various ways that marketing insights are gathered.  In that piece, he makes a critical point: some of the most powerful insights on how well...

Andrew Bosko Has Helped Transform Skybridge Americas’ Brand

Andrew Bosko Has Helped Transform Skybridge Americas’ Brand Since he joined the company in 2016, Andrew Bosko has helped Skybridge Americas’ transform its brand, upgrade its technology, and grow in sales. Learn more how Andrew has helped transform Skybridge Americas’...

A CX Celebration of Stephen Covey!

7 Habits to Guide and Inspire Every CX Leader For many people, myself included, Stephen R. Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” lays out a wonderfully simple but powerful set of guidelines for working well, collaborating successfully, and achieving...

The Undeniable Link Between Brand Empathy and Customer Experience

How strong is your partnership with your contact center leadership? Not that long ago, strong, strategic collaborations between CMO and Customer Care were rare. While the marketing role was focused on everything related to attracting customers and driving sales...

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