Three Trends Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

The next normal may be a ways off. In the meantime, here are three trends that will likely influence how customers connect with brands “Leaders who identified how to quickly pivot … not only saw new sustainable paths to profitability but also increased brand value.”...

The Unforgettable Tony Hsieh: 5 Customer Care Lessons for Us All

A few times in the past, I’ve written about the deep and long-lasting positive impact of Tony Hsieh on the world of customer service and the profound, inextricable link between employee happiness and customer happiness. Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos, seemed to approach...

The CX Short List: 3 Critical Strengths You’ll Need in 2021

What does the future hold? How will 2021 unfold? I’m sure that most of us in the customer care realm have formed a few (or more) opinions on that topic. But I’m also pretty sure that none of us would be willing to bet our last dollar on the specifics. How could we?...

Laresa McIntyre Named Best 10 CFOs of 2020 by Industry Era

A New Standard in Customer Experience Laresa McIntyre, CFO of Skybridge Americas possesses that rare combination of visionary leadership, an acute focus on bottom line results, and a passion for building and leading motivated, high performing teams. She believes that,...

5 Attitudes that Distinguish a Great CMO

What distinguishes good marketing and customer experience leaders from the truly exceptional? According to a recent and very eye-opening study, great CMO’s bring 5 distinct attitudes to the critical task of “driving human-centric business growth.” When international...

Up for Grabs: Customer Trust and Loyalty after Tumultuous Times

When McKinsey recently published their customer loyalty study, it was a wake-up call, revealing that, over the course of this topsy-turvy year, 75% of US consumers have upended their own shopping practices. Yes, 3 out of 4 American customers turned away from the...

How 2020 Reshaped Your CX Thinking (or should have)

It’s inevitable. At about this time, as the calendar hurtles from Thanksgiving to the New Year, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that has been. Honestly, these year-end musings have been fairly routine. From a business leadership perspective, this review...

How Effective is Your CX Vision? Take this 6 Question Quiz to Find Out

The entire concept of “Customer Experience” as a brand differentiator has been around for a long time now – certainly long before 2020. And until this year, successful brands have relied on their knowledge of their customers’ needs and priorities to make substantial...

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