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conventional consumer
interactions into more
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Ensure exceptional
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We deliver contact center solutions for aspiring and iconic brands

What distinguishes Skybridge Americas?

Our team of highly trained professionals who are passionate about your brand, and…

a long-standing commitment to process ingenuity, security and IT innovation that mitigates risk and ensures memorable customer experiences.

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Recognized by Industry Era Review as among the Top 10 Contact Center Solutions Providers of 2020!


Skybridge Americas is a Recognized Leader in Next Level Call Center Innovation.


Originally part of Carlson Marketing group, Skybridge Americas has been satisfying customers for over 50 years.

The breakthrough IT solution that delivers superior customer experience, 100% compliance, and dramatically reduced costs.

Imagine a call center agent who never has a “bad day” …  A real human capable of delivering the perfect script to multiple callers, simultaneously and seamlessly; whose stamina never fades, whose warmth and helpfulness never wane, regardless of call spikes or caller attitudes…

An agent capable of smoothly handling up to twice the call volume.

SkyAI® is a game changing IT-driven call center innovation

—Reduced cost
—Enhanced staffing elasticity to respond to volume spikes
—Unmatched Agent Productivity
—Improved Call Control and Handle-time Consistency
—Perfect Script Adherence and Accuracy on Every Call; No misquoted rates, statistics, offers or incentives
—Consistent, predictable customer experience

You have to hear it to believe it!

Meet the People Who Delight Your Customers,
Promote Your Brand,
And Make it All Look So Easy

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Skybridge Americas helps North American companies improve every aspect of their customers’ experience. We’re a team of 1,000 highly skilled, customer-focused problem solvers, providing world class Omni Channel Customer Contact Services.

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