Want Better CX? Build a Seamless Sales, Service, and Marketing Team

I’ve written a lot about the (often underestimated) role that a customer care team plays in achieving superior customer experience and long-term loyalty. No matter how spectacular or well-funded your marketing strategy – and no matter how flawless your sales operation...

7 Ways to Make the 2020 Holiday Season Your Brand’s Best Ever

Cooped-up customers say they’re ready to spend, big, online this season. Are you – and everyone on your team – ready to make their brand experience a merry and memorable one?  If you’re looking to your plans and experiences from holidays past, you’re probably not. I...

3 Questions That Can Save Your Brand

In a year that has forced so many brands to rethink plans, revisit marketing strategies, and revise budgets, it helps to step back, take a breath, and check the landscape from somewhere above the tree line. In other words, get out of the weeds. Not always easy. But so...

The 5 R’s of COVID-era Customer Care

You’re likely familiar with the concept of “React, Respond, Recover” as a framework for describing how businesses can successfully navigate and survive crises. As with so many things brought on by the current international pandemic, I find that model useful – but...

4 Warning Signs Your Perfect CX Plan Won’t Succeed

Plans are funny things. You can’t expect to achieve aggressive goals without one. But honestly, you can’t expect to achieve them even when you do have one. Not even a great one. Yet too often, we human beings fall into the same old trap. We set lofty goals, we...

Yes, There Is A Better Way to Prepare For this Year’s Holiday Season

3 Smart Steps Every CX Leader Should Take Now In a year marked by countless unknowns, challenges, and unexpected opportunities, brace yourself for a few more rides on the roller coaster. Here come the holidays. For many organizations, what happens between Halloween...

Better CX isn’t just about driving profit

(It Will actually save you money. Here’s how.) A frequent topic of conversation between C-suite leaders and their sales, marketing, and customer care teams – especially during annual budgeting – revolves around customer experience. Long considered one of the...

Your Customers’ Journey is Different and More Complicated Than Ever

Every team member of every customer-centric business knows that their customers have been going through upheaval this year. And during times of rapid change, people’s priorities often shift in unanticipated ways. But for many people this year, needs, wants, and...

5 Customer Service Rules the Pandemic Just Rewrote

I recently wrote an article, “The Future of Customer Care is Here,” for CIO Applications magazine about customer care and how COVID-19 has not only accelerated the embrace of cloud-based, virtual platforms, but has driven fundamental changes in customer expectations....

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