Have You Taken the CEO DIY CX Check-Up?

Don’t Skip These Critical Steps Sometimes, the best way to get a reality check on how well you’re really treating your own customers is to simply be one of your own customers. Experience your brand’s customer experience. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s be real. If...

The T.R.U.S.T. Code: 5 Rules for Growing Customer Trust in a Crisis

The short-term steps you take immediately after a crisis can have a huge long-term impact on customer trust. You already knew that. You probably even had a business continuity plan that detailed the 3 basics for rebounding after catastrophe: move swiftly to identify...

4 Truths About CX Every Brand Should Revisit Now

When your customers reach out to you with a question or a problem, you know they’re expecting a clear, accurate, efficient response. If you can’t meet those expectations, the future of your customer care operation – and your brand – looks pretty bleak. But you also...

3 Things You Can Do Now To Boost Call Center Agent Employee Experience

Last March, I wrote about what I saw happening to the customer care industry when COVID-19 forced entire call centers to close their doors, send their agents home, and scramble to provide the technology necessary to get those agents back on the phones. It was ugly. As...

5 Steps to Re-Engaging Customers in the Wake of a Pandemic

Often, my conversations with customers center on how their own customers’ needs have changed as the months have stretched on during the pandemic. The challenge, of course, is in meeting those new needs and remaining relevant in a new and rapidly evolving environment....

4 Ways to Show Your Customers You’re There and You Care

Are your customers struggling to come to terms with the new rules and new inconveniences of today’s “social distancing” requirements? Are they starting to take out their frustrations on your customer care agents? It seems to be happening just about everywhere right...

SkyAI Empowers Human Phone Agents With Superhuman Productivity

Superior customer experience, 100% compliance, and dramatically reduced costs. When we introduced SkyAI last year, I talked about how, thanks to this innovative Artificial Intelligence solution, we were able to deliver efficiency without sacrificing the magic of the...

Has Your Brand Nailed the 7 R’s of an Effective Resiliency Program?

Here are 7 Steps To Take Now For most U.S. companies, it continues to be a long, bumpy and unpredictable road back from COVID-19. Few recent studies underscore that fact as pointedly as the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer. When the global communications company wanted to...

The Rising Risk of Call Center Agent Burnout in the Age of COVID-19

5 Ways to Keep Your Team Safe and Engaged Since March, companies around the world have faced a seemingly unending series of difficult trade-offs in the struggle to remain operational and save the business. For so many organizations, survival has depended on whether...

How to Stop Your Customer Experience Scores from Dropping

As You Map The Way to Your Next Normal There’s so much talk these days about “getting to the new normal.” In his recent article, Adrian Swinscoe shared some recent data about the impact of COVID-19 on CX scores: according to Cogito, CX scores have fallen by 4%...

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