5 Ways Contact Center Work is Changing in 2020

With the proliferation of AI solutions throughout the contact center industry, there has been a corresponding evolution in the role of the customer care agent. Gone are the days that agents can simply be hired for their ability to work swiftly, follow a script, and...

6 Loyalty Trends in 2020 that Just Might Change Everything

Do you know what your customers – both the ones you have and the ones you need to acquire – enjoy most about loyalty programs? Do you know what they dislike, or see as pointless, or so last decade? The folks at The Wise Marketer have just compiled their list of 2020...

The 2020 Customer Experience Challenge: 6 Ways to Boost CX Now!

Talk about customer experience long enough and, eventually, the conversation turns to company culture. You can’t deliver truly exceptional customer experience that builds trust, satisfaction, and loyalty if your own culture isn’t actually built around those concepts,...

3 Customer Care Resolutions You Should Make and Keep in 2020

If you’re like most American business leaders, you’ve got big growth goals for 2020. And your customers have even bigger demands. According to recent Microsoft study, more than half of customers surveyed stated that their customer care expectations are higher than...

5 Habits of Highly Customer Centric Companies

Here we are, at the fresh start of another fast-moving year. If you’re like most business leaders, you’ve set audacious growth goals and you’re doing everything in your power to stay one step ahead of industry disruptors. At times like these, it’s easy to get hyper...

20 Smart Steps to CX Success in 2020

No matter how much planning you’ve done to prepare for a great 2020, this clever, thought-provoking list on Martech Advisor is sure to awaken your creativity – and reawaken your enthusiasm. As you read it, you’ll probably recognize some things you’re already trying...

9 Mini-makeovers for Your 2020 CX Program

No matter how big or small your 2020 Customer Experience budget may be, Aimee Lucas has some advice for you. Why not take advantage of these last few, semi-quiet weeks before the new year to take another look at how your program is functioning right now. Are there...

Top 5 Viral Moments in Customer Service from 2019

Delivering consistently great customer service is no small challenge. It takes well-designed, seamless processes, substantial investments in technology, and a clear understanding of what customers expect and need. But for a timely reminder of what it takes to deliver...

Skybridge Americas Named One of 2019’s 50 Most Admired Companies

Skybridge Americas Named One of 2019’s 50 Most Admired Companies We are delighted to share that Skybridge Americas has just been honored by Silicon Review magazine as one their Top 50 Most Admired Companies of 2019. Read more about this year’s honorees here > And find...

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