Service2Sell: Relationship Driven Sales

Welcome to the Inbound Revolution
Deeper, Broader, More Profitable Customer Relationships

Service2Sell is a revolutionary new approach to customer engagement that leverages inbound call satisfaction to drive stronger relationships and increased sales.

Here, it’s all about your customers’ needs, wants and readiness.

Service2Sell is more than a script. It’s a deeply ingrained commitment to earning more of each customer’s business by meeting that customer’s needs and surpassing their expectations. Every time they call you. That’s right, no outbound calls necessary. Just a pitch perfect response to every inbound call, and a perfectly timed offer, all geared toward expanding the customer relationship. To help perfect this customer relationship, the use of surveys, which this post delves further into, can help businesses hone their skills and provide what the customer wants through feedback.

  • Sophisticated customer analytics create product prompts driven by customer history
  • Nimble on-screen scripting allows agents to quickly navigate offers based on customer responses
  • Supervisors provide timely feedback and ongoing support
  • Agents are always recognized and rewarded for total relationship management, never for product pushing.

Grow every customer relationship by earning every customer’s trust.

With Service2Sell, our brand agents are recruited, trained, coached and rewarded for applying superior service and sales skills, including:

  • Active listening
  • Rapid issue resolution
  • Call de-escalation
  • Interpreting and following analytics-driven script prompts
  • Customer-centric recommendations, including cross-selling, up-selling, new channel access, even “down-selling” to right-fit products

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