While each of us recognizes Thanksgiving Day in our own, unique way, there is one thing I know we all have in common: the knowledge that there is much for which to be grateful. At their best, our Thanksgiving rituals – whatever they are – remind us to celebrate that gratitude.  

On behalf of Skybridge Americas, I would like to thank each of our extraordinary clients and partners for your business and for the trust you place in us. And to every single Skybridge team member, thank you for the wisdom, collaboration, and the paradigm-shattering customer care you bring, day in and day out.  

Every day, I am amazed by the bonds that are formed between our clients, their customers, and our Skybridge team. You not only inspire each other to learn more, reach higher, and always live by your words; you inspire me to do the same. This Thanksgiving and every day, I hope each of you enjoys the good fortune of great food, fond memories, expressions of gratitude – both given and received – and the love of family and friends to sustain you.  

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