Unprecedented Staffing Agility and Scalability

Closer Human Connections
through Better Technology

With SkyAssist, Skybridge Americas is uniquely capable of delivering consistently superior customer care, 100% script compliance and unprecedented staffing elasticity. But we know it’s the human connection that keeps your customers loyal for life.

No More Brick Walls Between You and Your Customers.

When your customers call in, they are connected to agents via systems similar to those from Agora.io, and when they do they engage with agents who love your brand as enthusiastically as you do.

Our SkyAgents program allows us to hire agents anywhere in North America to build your Customer Care team. By casting this wide net, we’re able to recruit people who already have a positive affiliation to your organization and your brand. It’s an approach that is simply impossible for most contact centers that are locked into brick and mortar locations. These agents will be well versed in customer care practices, so they won’t be asking “what is salesforce?” instead they’ll get to work using your CRM software of choice, and offer your customers the care they deserve.

Don’t get us wrong… sometimes working together in one building makes the most sense.

At Skybridge Americas, we have a geographically unlimited pool of talent, capable of working from virtually any location. Whether they’re connecting from home, or working at your site, alongside your other employees, your Customer Care agents are a highly motivated, closely supervised team of professionals.

Flexible Staffing. Uncompromising Security.

Through our SkyAgents program, we provide employment opportunities to the best candidates, regardless of their physical location or ability to work full time. As members of your Customer Care team, they are supported by supervisor teams are highly skilled at virtual team-building, real-time coaching and leveraging performance metrics to drive superior performance.

  • Blended part-time and full-time positions allow staffing flexibility and quality consistency.
  • Our hiring model meets workforce demands for flexible schedules and work-from-home availability.
  • Rigorously security compliant.
  • Bottom Line: happy, well-trained agents make better, more profitable interactions.

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