These 5 Emerging CX Trends Will Determine Your Brand’s Success

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For North American brands and the customer care teams who support them, 2020 launched a period of upheaval, unforeseen challenges, and wildly fluctuating consumer needs. In the earliest months of the pandemic, most customer contact centers were scrambling to react and struggling to keep up with call volumes, customer fears, and the astronomical rise of agent attrition. Today, these pain points continue to undermine customer experience, loyalty, and profitability.

But the truth is, a handful of customer care leaders were ready for 2020. How? There was no crystal ball—just a keen focus on changes that had been set in motion years earlier. As a result, tough decisions and large investments had already been made in the I.T. and infrastructure required to remain nimble, quick, and trustworthy – even in times of rapid change. Hiring models for high-performing at-home agents and supervisors had long been developed. Technologies were rigorously tested. Processes were re-engineered, with every aspect of the customer experience at the center of each decision.  

Why were so many call centers caught so tragically off guard?

To oversimplify it: old habits and rigid thinking. At Skybridge Americas, we understand that technology will continue to improve and evolve at an ever-faster pace. As a result, consumer needs can shift with the wind. And locking in on one solution will never be the right answer. Because of that, we are one of the few contact centers in North America that have maintained seamless, superior customer care throughout 2020 and ever since.

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