Laresa McIntyre: Bringing a change in the financial sector at Skybridge Americas Inc.

The Most Successful Businesswomen to watch, 2021

Some leaders like to help others and grow with them to make a better place around them. With the free spirit to help others and transform the financial sector, Laresa McIntyre joined forces with Skybridge Americas Inc. With a can-do attitude, she takes on all challenges with a positive mindset. She adds, “I enjoy setting pretty big goals and then doing my best to empower everyone on the team to achieve them.”

She believes in motivating her team to explore new heights and grow sustainably. She states, “I think it is important to measure success against questions like, are you building a stronger team? Are you creating a positive and empowering environment? If you’re making the best contributions you can make towards the success of your team, you’re successful.”

Climbing the stairs of success

Laresa has always been drawn to the entrepreneurial approach to business so, when she was starting out, she chose to become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from The University of Western Ontario and then went on to gain an MBA in Business Administration from Capital University – School of Management.

Her education and accounting designation have helped her open the doors she wanted to enter, leading to her current position as CFO. She adds, “I have always loved business and, although I have financial expertise, I have never perceived my role as limited to finance. I am a person who likes to grow things and see them flourish, and that is how I have always approached each stage of my career. I find tremendous enjoyment in fully immersing myself in the goals of the brand and the business and getting involved in every aspect and not just in the financials.”

In her career, she has been involved in several different sectors, including

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-Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas

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