Customer Loyalty Isn’t Built in a Day, and It’s Never Built Without a Great Customer Care Team

Several years ago, Annette Franz, the founder and CEO of CX Journey, wrote about 6 tools to ensuring that everyone involved in a brand’s success have a clear view and understanding of the customer.

Delivering great CX isn’t just up to the employees at the front line, she argued. It’s the result of ensuring that every single person owns the brand promise and is invested in delivering on it. Recently, she updated that article, adding an essential component: a clear “service blueprint” for everyone involved.

In her article, she makes her points clearly and convincingly and I highly recommend giving it a read. No surprise here, but I especially love the way she speaks to a concept that is at the very heart of the Skybridge Americas approach: the promise you make to your customers must “be reflected in everything you do… consistency across the board is key.”

You can check it out here. When you’re ready to learn more about how Skybridge Americas ensures that your brand promise will be embraced and delivered, to every customer, during every interaction, please reach out. We would love to talk!

Employee experience drives the customer experience: But it’s not just about the frontline

By Annette Franz

I’ve had a lot of conversations in recent weeks about how the employee experience drives the customer experience, but the part that stands out from these conversations is the common thread: that the customer experience only happens via, or is only shaped by, the frontline employees.

That is just not true.

When I’ve addressed this latter point, I’m always asked, “Well, then how do I connect the dots for the backoffice folks?” I love to answer this question.

Back in 2014, I wrote a post about six tools to use to provide employees with a clear line of sight to the “target,” the customer. I’ll start with those, and I’ll add one more very important tool.

  • Vision and customer experience intent statement. These two statements, which are similar, draw your employees’ eyes to what it’s all about: the customer. The customer experience vision is higher-level, forward-thinking, and linked to your corporate vision, while the intent statement is quite specific to designing individual interactions and transactions.
  • Values. Your core values are beliefs that guide you in identifying which behaviors and actions are right and which are wrong, both for your employees and toward your customers. Everything you do must be aligned with your values, and they should be integrated into everything you do. In other words, every employee must live them. Be sure you’ve got a customer-centric value or two, and make sure to not only socialize but operationalize.
  • Brand promise. This promise to your customers should be reflected in everything you do. All employees must live and breathe it. Consistency across the board is key. It sets expectations and defines the benefits customers can expect to receive when they engage in your services or use your products, when they experience your brand.

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-Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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