Superior Travel Experience Starts with Human Connections

3 Secrets To Earning 5-Star Traveler Reviews With so many advancements in self-service booking, you’d think that the demand for human customer care agents in the travel industry would have disappeared. Wasn’t that the prediction not too long ago? It’s true that...

High Patient Turnover? It Might Not be You… It Could be Your Marketing

Any time you lose a patient relationship, it hurts. Why are they leaving? Is a competing practice doing something different – something better – to woo your patients away? Are you unwittingly doing something to prompt patients to lose faith and start shopping? Sure,...

You Can’t Improve Customer Experience Until You Take This First Step

Not surprisingly, I’m frequently in conversations with people about customer experience. What’s the best way to tackle CX? How can we drive a consistently great customer experience across all delivery channels? How long is this going to take? How much will it cost? By...

A Powerful Reminder about Customer Loyalty Programs

This week, Target Corporation announced the launch of its new, nationwide customer loyalty program (after a year-and-a-half beta test in multiple markets). As you may recall, Target has a near-mythological track record when it comes to understanding their consumers...

Is Your Practice Ready for the Year-End Rush?

Is Your Practice Ready for the Year-End Rush? 3 Ways Seasonal Planning Help Grow Your Practice, Improve Patient Experience, and Increase Revenue If your office is like most medical and dental practices, you see wide swings in patient volume throughout the course of...

Are You Ready for the Next Disruption?

5 Strategies On How To Stay Ahead Of Customer-Driven Disruption by NJ Goldston Are today's companies ready for the next disruption? With the rise of the smartphone, fast fashion, and ride-sharing and the decline of industry stalwarts like GE, IBM, and Coca-Cola,...

Game On! 5 Ways Gamification Improves Call Center Performance

The concept of call center gamification has been around for a while now. But if you’ve never worked in a gamified environment, you’ve probably wondered how it works. Why do some call center managers swear by gaming? And what does it take to get started? But maybe...

The 5 Common Sense Ways to Prevent Customer Service Disasters

Running a successful call center today is a lot like a complex juggling act. To do it well, you need to keep your eye on so many moving parts. And when someone throws another ball into the mix, you need to add it to the mix, without dropping anything. In today’s...

15 Seconds to Success: How First Impressions Impact Loyalty

On any given day, your customers might call you for many different reasons. Maybe they’re scheduling an appointment or enrolling in a program. Maybe they just want help with one simple question. But for all the differences that exist between customer calls, here’s one...

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