Your Customers’ Journey is Different and More Complicated Than Ever

Every team member of every customer-centric business knows that their customers have been going through upheaval this year. And during times of rapid change, people’s priorities often shift in unanticipated ways. But for many people this year, needs, wants, and expectations didn’t just change. They fluctuated. And while many brands – even stable, highly successful ones – have responded admirably, they have also struggled to truly understand what this all means for the customer journey. Why?

Because it’s complicated.

In his recent article, Jack Davies takes some of the complexity out of the equation by pointing to 3 major roadblocks that derail so many customer journeys. And he suggests what brand leaders can do to remove those obstacles. My key takeaway: more than ever, customers need to know that every experience they have with a brand needs to be consistent, caring, and satisfying. And it’s no longer possible for any brand to achieve that if their customer care operation is out-of-sync with the vision, marketing strategy, and all other messaging.

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Customer journeys are more complex than ever. Understanding them doesn’t have to be.

By Jack Davies

Making sense of the increasingly complex customer journey in light of COVID-19 is the biggest challenge facing CX leaders, according to a new report from IDC.

The IDC InfoBrief, Building an Actionable Understanding of Your Customer, based on responses from 100 CX leaders at US companies with more than 500 employees, highlights how the acceleration of digital transformation has provided CX teams with new challenges as they look to understand the omnichannel customer experience.

69% of companies say the biggest challenge to a differentiated customer experience is designing and managing cross-channel experiences. 

The COVID-19 pandemic hit fast forward on customer experience transformation, with people’s expectations, preferences and behaviors changing at unprecedented speed.

As a result, even those with the most mature customer experience programs are being forced to pivot and take a fresh look at the actions they need to take to deliver the experiences customers need.

We commissioned IDC to identify the key challenges CX leaders are facing today, and set out a plan for how they can ensure their organizations continue to drive revenue and loyalty in today’s environment.

Time to break down silos to improve the customer experience

The IDC InfoBrief lays bare the main challenges organizations face in trying to improve the customer experience in the new normal:

Top 3 challenges for improving the customer experience

  1. Data silos containing different and unrelated customer data spread across the organization
  2. Lack of integration of customer data and listening across a dynamic omnichannel customer journey
  3. Creating an aligned culture of employee empowerment and organizational action to adjust to the dynamic nature of the customer journey

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-Bobby Matthews

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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