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by Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas

I’ve been in this business for more than twenty years.

And it’s never been boring.

Customer Services Outsourcing is an industry that never, ever stops changing. That’s not just because of the breakneck pace of technology innovations.  It’s also because customer expectations and communication preferences keep changing, too.

But there’s one thing that never changes:

So when I came across this article by Forbes Contributor Blake Morgan, along with her very compelling infographic, I wished everyone would read it.

Check it out.

Then imagine the customer loyalty and profit you could unleash if you tapped more fully into the greatest customer retention power you’ll ever have:  your Inbound Call Center.



Engaged employees lead to happy customers.

10 Statistics About Employee Experience And Customer Experience


There is a undeniable link between employee experience and customer experience. Companies that lead in customer experience have 60% more engaged employees, and study after study has shown that investing in employee experience impacts the customer experience and can generate a high ROI for the company. Here are 10 companies that have seen the benefit of engaging their employees to build customer experience.

“Take care of associates and they’ll take care of your customers.” -J.W.Marriott

Marriott International founder J.W. Marriott said, “Take care of associates and they’ll take care of your customers.” It still holds true at the company—employees are valued, which makes them want to share that experience with guests. Marriott publicly rewards employees for a job well done, celebrates diversity and inclusion, values loyalty, and offers a wide variety of training programs. It has been regularly rated a top place to work and a top company for customer experience.

Chick-Fil-A Encourages Employees To Build Relationships With Customers

With its chicken and waffle fries, Chick-fil-A generates more revenue per restaurant than any other chain in the country. But it’s not just the food that sets the restaurant apart—it’s the employees. Franchise owners are given thorough training but also have bandwidth to explore creative ideas. Employees are encouraged to build relationships with customers because they have strong relationships with each other and with the company.

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