The “What’s Next” Approach to CX Success

How 4 Customer-Centric Companies are Winning with Customer Experience

While many major brands today are still working on responding well to customer needs, Ryan Hollenbeck has just featured four companies who have cracked the code on anticipating those customer needs.   Check out his recent article for, where he does a fantastic job of drawing the link between understanding the customer journey and improving CX, loyalty, and revenues.

Understanding customer needs and desires across their journey and ensuring organizations can respond accordingly has never been more important. According to Gartner, 81% of marketers say they expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience in by 2020.

Brands who get the customer experience equation right reap greater loyalty and increased revenues. However, those that fail risk customer defection, as two in three consumers say they’ll happily jump ship to brands that provide the best experience or service.

How do companies go about creating inspired customer experiences? They pay attention so they can anticipate and accommodate customer needs. Consider these best practices from brands focused “what’s next” in customer experience, keeping their brands relevant and simplifying and modernizing interactions with customers to maximize convenience.

Commerce Bank: To serve its increasingly tech-savvy customers expecting more personalized banking experiences, Commerce Bank has endeavored to add new offerings that are of value to its customer base and offer added convenience.

Seizing on an opportunity to address a huge need, Commerce Bank started offering hospital financing a few years ago, allowing consumers to apply for a zero-interest loan to finance medical bills. The program has been phenomenally popular.

Plus, the bank is in the process of launching a new omni-channel offering, providing value-added service via one of the most ubiquitous touch points within the banking landscape, the ATM machine. The innovative Video Teller Talk offering gives customers the opportunity to connect with a live agent right at the ATM, adding ease and convenience.

Mercury Insurance: In the highly regulated insurance sector, customer experience is what sets brands apart. Over the past few years, Mercury Insurance has revamped its contact center and back office operations, undergoing sweeping change to support improved operational efficiency and customer experience, combining three disparate call centers into one large virtual center.

With great power to change, comes great responsibility. Mercury has undertaken this technology transformation with an equal emphasis on change management to give its employees the support needed to get behind the initiative.

Mercury’s perspective has been if you embark on a transformation of this nature without the proper change management discipline in place, you had better have the time and money set aside to do it all over again. Wise words from an organization that understands technology alone doesn’t power change—people, planning and the proper mindset do.

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-Bobby Matthews

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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