The 5 Common Sense Ways to Prevent Customer Service Disasters

Running a successful call center today is a lot like a complex juggling act.

To do it well, you need to keep your eye on so many moving parts. And when someone throws another ball into the mix, you need to add it to the mix, without dropping anything.

In today’s customer service world, we deal with near-constant change. New technology emerges constantly, as do customer needs, and regulatory requirements.

But when I read this article by Erin Ollila, at, it reminded me that, as we add cutting edge technology, adapt to new customer data, or add improved processes, we can never afford to take our eye off the basics. The minute we do, we risk creating what Ollila calls “Customer Service Nightmares.”

5 Customer Experience Basics to Avoid a Customer Service Nightmare

by Erin Ollila at SMARTERCX

Consider this customer experience scenario: It all started when I called for a take-out dinner order, and the hostess told me she was too busy to ask the kitchen if there was an ingredient I was allergic to in the meal I wanted to order. I should’ve stopped the transaction there, but because I was in a rush, I ordered meals for my family, figuring I’d grab myself a bowl of cereal at home, and went to pick up their food. Unfortunately, the experience ended in a similar—though heightened—manner, with a manager yelling a few inches away from my face and about how she was refusing to honor a promotional discount I had (that was still valid).

While this was only one small example of customer mismanagement, it’s one I’ll always remember. The event made me wonder—what are the absolute minimum customer experience basics all businesses need to know and practice, and also teach to their employees, so they won’t be at risk for a customer service snafu?

In the vocal world of social media we live in, poor customer experiences can quickly turn into public customer service nightmares. Here are 5 customer experience basics to master in your organization.

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by Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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