Still On the Fence about Customer Service?

Moving Forward Starts with Customer Centricity

Do you remember the days when product quality – for the right price – was just about the only thing a brand had to worry about? Product quality was the dealmaker – or the deal breaker. It’s what fueled new customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

But buyer expectations have been evolving for years. In fact, a number of studies show that growing numbers of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience and that, by 2020, customer experience (CX) will be a more important brand differentiator than either product or price.

I understand the temptation to resist investing in CX. Defining CX strategy is difficult. Measuring it is even harder. And rallying everyone on your team to embrace the spirit – and the tactical changes – of CX can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

But while you’re still trying to decide whether CX is really all that important to your business success, the truth is: your customers have already decided that for you.

It is.

And it all Starts with Customer Centricity

Putting your “customers first” is an easy promise to make. It sounds awesome. But your brand isn’t truly operating in a customer centric way until you place your customers squarely at the center of everything you do. From new product development to branding and your marketing communications and – especially – the way you treat that customer when they reach out to you for information or assistance.

Sounds Like a Lot of Reengineering

It can be. But while you’re making plans, revising strategy and prioritizing bigger CX investments, there are some things you can start now.

Understand Your Customer’s Expectations – of Your Industry, Not Just your Brand

If you haven’t been surveying, start now. If you haven’t been collecting, aggregating, analyzing and reporting on customer feedback, start now. And if you haven’t been using that information to define what you can do to move that needle forward, you can begin the brainstorming immediately. Your aim – or should I say: your customer’s aim — is to be sure that, when they contact you, it will be easy, swift, pleasant, and create a positive, memorable impression. You can’t really do those things if you’re not gathering intelligence on what it is that your customers really want, need, and expect from you.

But You Have to Believe that Your Customers Deserve a Great Experience with You

And you have to be sure that everyone else on your team believes that, too. If CX and customer centricity haven’t been the high priority agenda item – at every team meeting – get it on there. And listen to how your team responds. How do they define CX? How invested are they in helping you get there? Ultimately, a truly customer centric organization is filled with people who actually, genuinely care about delivering a beautiful, brag-worthy experience to every single customer.

At Skybridge Americas, we specialize in delivering superior customer experience for many of America’s most iconic brands. If you would like to learn how we can help you improve CX, customer loyalty, and profitability, please reach out. We would love to talk with you!

Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas


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