SkyAI Empowers Human Phone Agents With Superhuman Productivity

Superior customer experience, 100% compliance, and dramatically reduced costs.

When we introduced SkyAI last year, I talked about how, thanks to this innovative Artificial Intelligence solution, we were able to deliver efficiency without sacrificing the magic of the human touch. Now seems like an important time to revisit why that is more important than ever.

There’s an interesting new dynamic at play on customer calls these days. Callers still want efficiency. They certainly expect accuracy. (And your organization is probably more laser focused on cost and compliance than ever.) But right now, with all of the stresses and uncertainties swirling around most people’s lives, when a customer calls with a unique need or a complex question, they want to know that a real person is really there, ready to listen, empathize, and help. More than a want, it’s a need. It seems what we all value more highly than ever is a reassuring dose of humanity.

Are you delivering on those needs? What are you hearing when you monitor customer calls these days? How many times do you hear to a truly perfect call?

You know the kind of call I’m talking about:

  • The phone agent is warm and welcoming;
  • Every question is resolved smoothly and accurately;
  • Compliance requirements are met seamlessly;
  • And your brand message is represented in the strongest, most powerful way.

It’s the kind of call that makes you wish you could – somehow – bottle that perfection so every customer care agent could do that, on every call.

Or, let’s be honest, it makes you wish you could deliver that level of customer experience and cut costs …

Balancing great care with optimal efficiency has always been a teeter-totter. According to conventional wisdom, you can’t raise one without letting the other one fall.

But that all changed with SkyAI.  

With SkyAI, we’ve ditched the teeter-totter, blending the human care and judgment your customers crave with previously unimaginable efficiency and flawless compliance.

Why SkyAI?

Our decision to launch SkyAI came after countless discussions with clients and business leaders, listening to their CX goals and their cost concerns, conducting extensive research into best solutions, and, ultimately, making a significant financial commitment to this game-changing platform.

What Makes SkyAI so Revolutionary?

Now, for the first time, call center agents are able to communicate with multiple callers, simultaneously – in a real, human voice – without missing a beat or slipping up on compliance. And from start of shift to last call of the day, there is never a dip in agent tone, enthusiasm, or warmth.

What Once Sounded Like Sci-fi is Now Real and it’s Right Here

SkyAI-supported calls are driven by live agents, powered by technology, and controlled by compliance safeguards. Now, you’re able to improve customer experience while increasing productivity and cutting costs.

Let Me Put That Another Way:

  • Higher CSAT scores,
  • 100% compliance,
  • Happier call center agents,
  • And up to 30% cost savings.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Experience SkyAI for yourself. Then talk to us! We would love to learn more about your brand goals, and discuss how Skybridge Americas can help you exceed them.

Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas

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