Nightmare on Customer Service Street!

3 Scary Mistakes That Can Send Your Customers Running

In her recent Forbes article, Leonie Brown does an amazing job of breaking down why customer journey mapping is critical to truly understanding how each customer touchpoint can – and does – impact the overall customer experience. If you have attempted customer journey mapping in the past and ended up frustrated with your results, I strongly recommend reviewing each point raised here. As Brown points out, it can be tricky to accurately identify each touchpoint – and trickier still to fully understand how each is prioritized in terms of importance for each customer.

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3 Common Errors That Can Render Your Customer Journey Maps Ineffective

by Leonie Brown, Experience Management (XM) Scientist, Qualtrics

Not all maps are created equal. Perhaps you’ve seen a map of the United States from the 1700s, where Michigan is shaped more like an arrowhead than a mitten. Or maybe you’ve been burned while trusting your smartphone for driving directions, only to be rerouted toward a dead end. If so, you know what I mean.

The same goes for customer-journey maps. Lots of companies have created them—82%, according to Gartner research. But the same study indicates that less than half of organizations are actually using their journey maps effectively.

What gives? There are lots of ways a journey-mapping exercise can go sideways, ranging from an incomplete view of the customer experience to a distorted perspective that’s influenced by organizational biases. Below, we’ll look at three common errors that could be derailing your company’s efforts at customer-journey cartography:

Failure to identify all the touchpoints

A customer-journey map strives to list every point of contact between a customer and brand. Some of those are easy to spot, such as a purchase, service request, or website login. Others are trickier—especially when they’re initiated by the consumer and don’t take place on one of your physical or digital properties. Yet these contacts are common: a McKinsey report indicates that two-thirds of the touchpoints during the active-evaluation phase of the sales process are consumer-driven, and many of them happen in the wild, at venues ranging from Internet review sites to backyard barbecues.

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