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Laresa McIntyre, CFO of Skybridge Americas possesses that rare combination of visionary leadership, an acute focus on bottom line results, and a passion for building and leading motivated, high performing teams. She believes that, by inspiring all team members to approach their work collaboratively and innovatively, the organization can maintain the superior operational and financial excellence that benefits all stakeholders: customers, investors, and team members. She has honed her skills over the course of two decades in financial oversight and strategic leadership positions. Her accomplishments as a leader led to her recent appointment by Stetson University to their advisory board for their Disruptive Leadership Certificate Program. This program prepares business leaders to make sense of the unpredictability of new business models by providing participants with real-world, hands-on training to ask better questions, lead stronger teams, and communicate insights and strategies to senior administration.

A Rare Combination of Visionary Leadership

According to Laresa, it’s no longer enough to have a total command of the financials of an organization, if one wants to be a truly effective CFO. “To make an impact as CFO, you need to be capable of – and really, passionate about – leading and motivating cross functional teams and helping guide investment decisions,” she adds. “Today’s CFO is a strategic partner within the leadership team of the organization. You can’t really function optimally as CFO if you’re not deeply curious about how every aspect of the company is run.” She adds that if one is passionate about motivating and leading cross functional teams, anticipating future challenges, and mitigating risks through strategic problem solving – all while maintaining an eagle eye on the numbers – then the CFO role is for them.

Laresa and her team closely monitor emerging technologies and consistently invest in leading edge solutions, including technology, infrastructure, process, and human resources..

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