Is Your CX Strategy Struggling? Check out these 15 tips from 15 experts

Sometimes, especially during periods of challenge, it’s easy to see when something’s not working.

It’s tougher to see why. And often, it can feel nearly impossible to see how to fix it. Every brand has been there. This round-up of CX tips from the Forbes Communications Council is packed with great ideas on how to start – or re-start – a better CX strategy. As you read through it, you’ll find new ways of thinking about old problems and powerful reminders of who needs to remain at the center of any successful customer experience plan.

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How To Improve Your Company’s CX Strategies: 15 Top Tips

Remember when businesses could sell products that just “sold themselves?” Today’s products have so many competitors that they need proper customer interaction. To help companies with this essential part of marketing, markers coined the term customer experience or CX.

Over time, marketing experts realized that if a customer had a great initial experience with the business, they’d be more inclined to return. Customer experience has thus become one of the most vital metrics for ensuring that consumers are happy with a company.

Unfortunately, not all businesses are gifted at creating excellent experiences for their buyers.

Below, 15 experts from Forbes Communications Council offer their best advice that can help a company develop a much-improved customer experience.

  1. Focus On Customer Journey Mapping

The foundation of a successful CX strategy is customer journey mapping. About 78% of leading marketers say that combining various sources of data to better understand the customer decision journey is a top priority. The most essential source of data is search, which can help marketers map their customers’ decision journey, resulting in more touch points that lead to increased sales.
— Steve Sirich, Microsoft

  1. Have A Well-Planned Execution Process

Excellent customer service is key, and behind an excellent customer service experience should be a well-planned and written process for execution. This process should include or incorporate feedback from your actual customers or those who you wish to serve in order to provide a more customized approach for your target market vs. automatically assuming your company knows what is best.
— Callie Johnson, PhD, Girl Scouts of Western New York

  1. Adapt And Extend Your CX

In light of the current climate around COVID, it’s critical to adapt and extend your customer experience (CX) to reach customers. The mobile channel is fast becoming the best way to reach and engage with users. By extending amazing CX, you’ll be able to build on your brand. We’ve seen companies quickly adjust to curbside pickups and mobile deliveries to stay top of mind and succeed.
— Louis Hong, Sensor Tower

  1. Have A Client-Centric Culture

Use a client-centric corporate culture to innovate customer experience! Through creative innovations — using both technology and people — companies operating from a client-centric culture are driven to stay engaged with clients and can connect on new levels. Know your clients and what’s going on in their world, congratulate the successes, and creatively stay connected via new platforms in a work-from-home world.
— Stephanie Lewis, Munck Wilson Mandala LLP

  1. Make Your CX Delightful

A customer not only wants a simple experience, devoid of complex sign-ins and interfaces, but also a delightful one. If you can convey that sense of joy in your user interface, your user experience will simultaneously (and exponentially) improve.
— Melissa Kandel, little word studio

  1. Set Up Key Metrics And Monitor Them

Set up key metrics and monitor like crazy. That means both metrics like conversion and time on site, as well as qualitative things like reviews, Facebook and Instagram. Unhappy consumers are not shy and will make it clear what isn’t working, but know that they are just the tip of the iceberg with likely 10 times more people feeling the same way.
— Hope Neiman, Tillster

  1. Leverage Surveys, Reviews

Key stakeholders need to fully understand the effect of lacking integrity between your product, your messaging, or your customer experience. Surveying customers can be an extremely valuable tactic for bringing awareness, education, and training to your frontline employees. Online reviews are just as effective to clearly communicate where cultures are failing with their organizational integrity.
— Tyler Musson, Tyler Musson™

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