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When Judy Weader, a senior analyst at Forrester, recently wrote about the importance and urgency of prioritizing CX strategy, she described prioritization as both and art and a science – and she defines it as critical to CX success. Think about that for a minute. At times like these – when most of us feel like we’re drowning in all those items on our to-do lists (plus all those items we haven’t even gotten onto our to-do lists yet) – it’s a good time to remember that, if we don’t prioritize the steps we need to take, we’re unlikely to ever reach our destination. Or, as a colleague of mine used to always say, “when everything’s top priority, nothing is top priority.”

Plenty of research today tells us that consumers have prioritized CX number one for them. And they’ll take their business to brands who have done the same. So, what about you? Is CX really the priority you’d like it to be… that your customers need it to be? Weader names three clear factors of a well prioritized strategy. As you read them, ask yourself if your CX strategy – as it’s currently defined and executed – meets these standards.

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Why Customer Experience Prioritization Matters And How To Get Started

Prioritization of CX projects should be a conscious action, based on fact and grounded in what matters most.  

Prioritization is the art and science of making decisions, an active process of choosing one thing over another. Just like we all need some form of prioritization in our day-to-day activities, whether we’re thinking about how to tackle our current day’s workload or household chores, companies need prioritization processes and approaches that ensure decisions are made consciously, based on fact, and grounded in what matters most. Without a structured, consistent approach to prioritization, firms can make bad bets on where to apply budget and staff, under-deliver for customers, and waste critical time relying on luck when skill would be far more effective.

When done properly, prioritization of customer experience (CX) improvement projects should be: 

  • A conscious action.CX leaders often have long lists of potential improvements and opportunities, and they can struggle with deciding what to do first. Without a consistent structure or approach across the enterprise, it’s the same as not prioritizing at all — groups can go off and make decisions on their own, but the initiatives and activities they’ve chosen for the top of their lists may conflict with those chosen by other parts of the organization. Prioritization should not happen to a business; it must be an active set of choices the business makes.

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-Bobby Matthews

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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