How the Role of the CMO is Rapidly Changing

In today’s environment of rapidly shifting customer expectations, the demands on marketing departments and, especially, CMO’s, have grown exponentially. Today’s CMO’s – and the teams they lead – are the drivers of revenue growth, customer loyalty, and product innovation.

In this very thought provoking article in CMO magazine, Giselle Abramovich highlights how an organization’s marketing leadership is the key to anticipating, meeting, and exceeding customer needs. The CMO, she says, is really an organization’s “Chief Collaborator.”

The Changing Role Of The CMO In The Age Of Customer Experience

by Giselle Abramovich

Chief marketers have long kept customers in their direct line of sight—arguably more than any other position in the C-suite. As this customer-centric mindset spreads across their companies, so, too, have their roles.

In other words, today’s CMOs have a very different agenda than they did even five years ago.

“The CMO is as accountable for company growth and customer loyalty as any other function and must work cross-functionally like never before—across product groups, sales, IT, and finance—to drive the business,” said Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes. ( is owned by Adobe).

The Customer-Centricity Advocate
Today’s CMOs are thinking more horizontally, according to Robert Schwartz, CMO of Carat. And it shows: Ninety-percent of organizations said they view their CMOs as the connective tissue between different lines of the organization, according to recent Accenture research.

It stands to reason, then, that chief marketers are in the pole position to champion the importance of a holistic, end-to-end customer experience companywide.

“Companies today need to put the customer at the center of not just storytelling, but also in the products that the organization builds and each of the touch points with the customer,” said Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela. “This includes everything from the marketing touch points to sales, support, product, and more. I think marketing has become a louder voice in that customer obsession and is working to ensure that organizations are thinking about those touch points holistically.”

CMOs can bring their customer knowledge to the table, help map the entire end-to-end journey, and bring in their counterparts across the business to help turn that journey into a seamless, frictionless, customer experience, said Christopher Ross, VP, analyst, at Gartner.

“Companies need to know who their customers are, how they move through their experience, what the emotional dynamics are, and what information is required to help them be successful,” he told

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