How Outsourcing Customer Care Can Protect Your Company Culture


It’s All About Vision, Planning, and Choosing the Right Partner

All the logistics of your growing business point to the fact that it’s time to outsource your inbound customer care operation. So, what’s keeping you from moving forward? Is it a concern about cost? ROI? A “loss of control” or the nagging worry that outsourced customer care employees simply won’t care as much as you do? Maybe it’s a combination of all those things.

Or maybe it’s something else, something very important yet rarely expressed by organizations considering outsourcing for the first time:

“Will outsourcing weaken our company culture?”

It’s a legitimate concern. As you consider your outsourcing options, you should ask that question of every organization you’re considering. At the same time, I encourage companies to ask a second, parallel question: will not outsourcing weaken your company culture?

Growth is critical. Growth is the goal. But with growth, come new challenges and the need to keep doing the right things the right way. As your market, delivery channels, employee base, and product or service offerings all expand, your ability to oversee it all can’t expand to keep up with it all. You’ll need to make new decisions about how to maintain your momentum, keep your customers engaged and loyal, and remain profitable. Often, that means bringing in new experts. Sometimes, it also means outsourcing key functions.

But how can you hold onto your precious company culture while outsourcing?

Or, as Jenn Lim puts it in her recent article at, “How to Create a Tight-Knit Company Culture That Can Scale With Your Business.”

Lim puts the challenge into useful and practical context with her 4-Step approach. I highly recommend reading it. You can check it out here. And if you’ve been agonizing over how outsourcing your inbound customer care operation might put a dent in your organizational culture, consider these two additional steps:

5. Build rigorous “company culture” questions into your RFP.  Not all contact centers are ready, willing or able to embrace and nurture their clients’ cultures. The truth is, most of them can’t.

6. Contact us at Link to Home page: Skybridge Americas.  We build lasting partnerships with our clients that are founded on the principles of making a positive difference in the lives of customers and employees. We ensure that our customer care agents are successful by immersing them in your company vision, values, practices, goals, and celebrations. And we would love to talk with you about your company’s objectives.


by Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas


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