Game On! 5 Ways Gamification Improves Call Center Performance

The concept of call center gamification has been around for a while now. But if you’ve never worked in a gamified environment, you’ve probably wondered how it works.

Why do some call center managers swear by gaming? And what does it take to get started?

But maybe you’re not sure what gamification even means in a call center setting. Believe me, you’re not alone. So, let me clear that up first:

What is Gamifying?

Gamification is the simply the process of bringing “gaming” elements (e.g. interactive, competitive game mechanics, concepts and practices – like video gaming) into your call center.

Why Gamify?

Think about the job requirements for a minute. It’s a high pressure position that demands unflagging enthusiasm, passion, and focus on problem solving. You’re asking your agents to deftly maneuver through multiple calls in a busy call center. Each new call represents unknowns and new challenges. Often, agents must adapt to new technology, cope with surges in volumes, and fend off distractions. Now doesn’t that sound a lot like gaming? So, why not bring in the other elements of gaming that make it so engaging, for example:

  • Friendly competitions between agents
  • Rewards for wins or for achieving certain tiers of performance
  • Recognition for top performers (structured in such a way that all agents have rotating opportunities to showcase their skills and rack up wins)
  • Opportunities express individual creativity and build camaraderie with fellow gamers

When you gamify your call center — and when you do it well – you can drive up agent engagement, job performance, and employee satisfaction – and reduce attrition.

How to Gamify your Call Center

Start simple. Keep your first efforts small and manageable. You can create a friendly competition based on just about any measurable objective, for example:

  • Speed of new training completion (with 100% accuracy)
  • First call resolution
  • New product mastery
  • Greatest improvement in key KPIs

So, am I saying Gamifying is now a necessity?

Nope. But I am saying it’s a proven way to get quick lift if your team is lagging or sagging in any critical areas. Consider gaming if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Agents are struggling to master new training on products or technology;
  • You have high performing individuals but teamwork and peer support is lacking;
  • You’re facing upcoming seasonal call spikes and you need to get everyone excited, focused, and fully engaged;
  • Sick days and no-shows are higher than usual;
  • Agent turnover is increasing.

The Challenges with Going Full Gamify

Bringing gaming elements into your call center – even at the most basic, rudimentary levels – can inject a much needed spark and higher performance into a team. But to go full-on call center gamification, you need robust, real-time reporting capabilities. You also need to be willing to use it as you introduce new competitions, measure performance, report results, and recognize winners. Your current systems may enable you to do that. Or, if your budget and commitment allows, you can invest in specific gaming software to make it all easier.

As a call center manager, you already know that happier, enthusiastic people on your team lead to happier, enthusiastic people in your customer base.

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by Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas


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