50 Retail Innovation Stats that Prove the Power of Customer Experience

I’ve been talking a lot about customer experience (CX). That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given our focus on CX here at Skybridge Americas. Being able to deliver a consistent, superior, memorable customer experience is what enables you to build and maintain your brand, even in the face of unexpected challenges from new, disruptive competitors – or the shifting whims of your own customer base.

That’s what you should expect from your inbound customer care team. That’s what we deliver at Skybridge Americas.

But if you still have your doubts about the importance of CX to your own business, take a look at these statistics, gathered by Blake Morgan, for Forbes.com.

I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few of the stats that I found the most compelling. I hope you take a few minutes to read it. After that, if you’re ready to talk about taking your customer care operation to the next level, please reach out. We’d love to know more about your brand, your vision, and your challenges.

50 Retail Innovation Stats That Prove The Power Of Customer Experience

by Blake Morgan

How we shop has changed drastically in just the past few decades. Instead of window shopping in the mall, many customers now rely on AI product recommendations and shop via mobile without ever setting foot in a store. Retail technology and customer demands may be constantly changing, but one thing that will always be vitally important is customer experience. These statistics show the changing retail landscape and just how much customers depend on personalization, convenience and great relationships with brands.

  • 73% of consumers use multiple channels to shop. – Harvard Business Review
  • In 2018, 51% of e-commerce brands offered same-day delivery, up from 16% in 2017. Experts predict that within the next two years, 65% of retailers will offer same-day delivery. – BRP Consulting
  • 41% of e-commerce brands now use shoppable Instagram posts. – Digital Commerce 360
  • 87% of consumers begin their shopping journey with digital, a jump from 71% in 2017. – Salesforce
  • 77% of consumers, including 60% of millennials, have had relationships with specific brands for more than 10 years. – InMoment
  • 77% of consumers say discounts influence where they shop, and 48% say discounts can speed up their decision-making process. – eMarketer
  • 53% of consumers want all coupons to be digital. – Inmar
  • Getting personalized discounts based on their purchase history is important for 76% of consumers. – Loyalty
  • 48% of shoppers have left a brand’s website and made a purchase from a competitor because of a poorly personalized experience. – Marketing Dive
  • The majority of consumers (80%) are more likely to purchase from a company that offers personalized experiences. – Edelman
  • If given the choice, 87% of consumers would ask brands to remove their personal information. – Oracle
  • More than 70% of millennials and Gen Z belong to loyalty programs, compared to less than 20% of Baby Boomers. – PRNewswire
  • 68% of consumers said they would be more likely to shop on sites that offer automated returns. – Windstream Enterprise
  • 87% of customers will abandon their online carts if the checkout process is too difficult. – PRWeb
  • The majority of customers (58%) say their top reason for leaving a shopping cart is high shipping costs. – PRWeb
  • The average U.S. household is enrolled in more than 18 loyalty programs but is only active in about 8. – MaCorr
  • 84% of customers will abandon a purchase if the website isn’t secure. -Global Sign
  • 82% of consumers consult their phones while they’re in a store deciding what product to buy. One in 10 of those people end up buying a different product than they had planned. – Think With Google
  • 69% of online shoppers say that the quality or relevance of a company’s message influences their perception of a brand. – Think With Google
  • Smartphones were used in more than one-third of U.S. retail sales in 2018, including everything from initial product research to actually making a purchase. That accounts for more than $1 trillion in sales. – Forrester
  • When customers have a great experience, they’re willing to pay up to a 16% price premium. – PwC
  • 25% of customer service operations will use virtual customer assistants by 2020, a jump from less than 2% in 2017. – Gartner
  • By 2020, more than 40% of data analytics projects will relate to customer experience. – Gartner
  • 53% of millennials don’t think store associates have the tools they need to provide great customer service, such as mobile devices for looking up customer profiles and recommending products. – Salesforce
  • Loyal customers are seven times more likely to test an offering, five times as likely to make a repeat purchase and four times more likely to refer the brand. – Qualtrics
  • 51% of smartphone users have purchased from a different company than the one they originally intended to because that company gave them information right when they needed it. – Think With Google
  • https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/marketing-resources/micro-moments/being-there-micromoments-especially-mobile/
  • 53% of customers will leave a mobile site if it takes more than three seconds to load. – Think With Google

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