No matter where you are in your marketing and branding journey, you and every other sales organization have at least one thing in common. Your inbound marketing strategies (actually, nearly all of your marketing efforts) really only exist for two primary reasons:

  • To generate new leads, and
  • To nurture the customers you already have

How much time, money and energy are you putting into your inbound marketing today? Whether you’re on top of your game or still working out some kinks, the truth is, you’re likely making a significant investment in getting your message to your target market.

What happens once the message is received? What happens once that prospect or customer reaches out to learn more, make a purchase, or ask for help?

If you fall down there, all of that branding investment has just been wasted. Once you set an expectation, you need to know you’re capable of delivering an experience to match it.

And so much of that experience – and your brand reputation – depend on the performance of your inbound call center.

What makes a call center a superior brand partner?

 It all comes down to these 5 Things: 

1. Enthusiasm for Your Brand.  When a customer takes the time to dial your number, they expect you to keep your brand promise. A well-run call center is invested in the success of your brand. And they have the hiring model to support it. Some call centers, like Skybridge Americas, are capable of employing at-home customer care agents, meaning they recruit agents based on their brand affinity, unlimited by geographic location. These agents are fully immersed in your brand and their enthusiasm drives an excellent customer experience. 

2. A Passion for Helping People.  If a call center agent loves your product but just isn’t that excited about your customers, they’re not supporting your vision, mission or brand. A great call center is populated by eager problem solvers and led by supervisors who know how to keep their team motivated through meaningful interactions, rewards and recognition. 

3. Committed to Leading Edge Technology.  Call center technology changes rapidly, as do innovations in customer privacy, data security, compliance mitigation, and script adherence. Keeping up with the best of these innovations takes expertise, focus, and the financial wherewithal to sustain the levels of investment necessary.

4. Continuous Training.  Great customer experiences are delivered by agents who are at the top of their game every day. That takes regular updating, daily coaching and positive reinforcement, and ongoing skill refinement.

5. Marketing Integration and Collaboration.  In the same way that your marketing goals can’t be realized without the total support of a highly skilled call center, your customer’s experiences can’t improve without the support of your marketing team. Establish open communication, seek and accept the front-line feedback that only your agents can provide, and keep them in the loop.

At Skybridge Americas, we’ve been building successful partnerships with America’s most iconic brands, improving every aspect of their customers’ experience. We’d love to talk about how Skybridge Americas can help you achieve your goals.

Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas

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