5 Traits of Truly Great Customer Service Supervisors

Building, training, and expanding a superior customer care team never happens by accident. It’s never an afterthought. And it’s never a “nice to have.”

Great customer care is intentional. It’s an investment. And it is the result of having strong supervisors at the helm.

But what are the qualities of a great customer service supervisor?

If you’re searching for ways to build – or find – a better customer care team, start by looking for a team of supervisors who possess these five critical traits.

  1. A Superior Verbal (and Written) Communicator — Every day, customer care supervisors are in constant communication with multiple stakeholders. Whether they’re interacting with the agents on their own teams, with irate customers on escalated calls, or leaders in their chain of command, they must inspire confidence. Superior supervisors are capable of building strong connections by using their extraordinary communication skills.
  2. An Engaged Listener — Few things are as frustrating as describing your issue to a customer service supervisor – only to have them respond in a way that proves they weren’t really listening to you. Smooth talk is pointless if it’s not accompanied by careful, caring listening. And there is a trick to it. Great supervisors don’t just take it all in. They reassure their customer – or agent, or colleague – that they’re really hearing them by using active listening A few examples of active listening include verbal encouraging (e.g. “uh-huh,” “ok,”) requests for clarification (e.g. “could you describe that in a little more detail?”); paraphrasing (eg “I want to be sure I understand so I’ll quickly summarize what I’m hearing you say …”). While some people are naturally good at active listening, a motivated supervisor can learn these skills through training and practice.
  3. A Motivating Leader  — Highly effective supervisors are not just good memorizers of the rules. They are leaders of people who provide guidance, encouragement and consistent focus on the right goals. They set high standards and goals – and celebrate every success along the way. They establish a sense of team and teamwork that enables them to rally the troops when necessary to overcome obstacles, unexpected issues, or tough times.
  4. A Role Model for Your Brand, Vision, and Values — Your customer care agents need to know they are part of a team and that, together, their team can succeed. This sense of shared purpose is built by a strong supervisor who creates a positive culture that is attached to your brand. They lead by example, working hard, being honest, and always demonstrating compassion, curiosity, and fairness. Happy, effective supervisors lead happy effective teams and they can only do that when they, themselves, believe in your mission and embrace it. 
  5. Well Trained and Consistently Supported by Company Leadership — High performing customer care organizations invest in their supervisors. This starts with onboarding that includes brand orientation, information and education, and skill building. But it must extend to ongoing training – and regular coaching, feedback, and encouragement from management.

At Skybridge Americas, these are the traits we hire for – and train to – in all of our supervisors. If you would like to know more about how we can bring extraordinary leadership and a superior experience to your customers, please reach out. We would love to talk with you about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas


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