5 Reasons to Outsource Customer Service Now

Maybe you’ve been seeing the signs for a while: your customer service operation doesn’t seem to be working.

Whatever the reasons, from staffing obstacles, to scalability challenges, to lagging technology, a poorly functioning customer care platform can be a drag on your entire business plan and long term reputation.

Something needs to change.  

But even contemplating a change of this magnitude can be overwhelming. Should you divert your focus, efforts, and financial resources into rebuilding? Or is time to outsource?

Consider these 5 reasons to consider outsourcing. It might be time to start looking for a better inbound call center.

  1. Your Customer Base is Outgrowing Your Capacity.

When you’re in growth mode, you’re likely to face call spikes from new customers. And every new customer brings high expectations. Do you have the scalability to answer calls promptly? Is every customer care agent fully trained on new products, your customer onboarding process, and issues resolution practices? Each time you answer no to one of these questions, you raise the risk that your customers will be kept waiting in queue, or leave their call feeling disappointed or frustrated. Poor customer care leads to lost customers.

  1. Budget Doesn’t Allow for Investments in Significant Technology.

Call center technology innovators and disruptors make it nearly impossible for many in-house call centers to keep up customer expectations. Necessary upgrades don’t simply call for new hardware, software, processes, and training. They also require a level of systems expertise that is increasingly difficult to recruit, hire and retain.

  1. Your Previously Happy Team is Stretched, Stressed, and Heading for the Door.

Longer hold times and frustrated customers make for difficult calls. If your agents feel overworked, undertrained, or unsupported, they’ll struggle to provide the quality customer experience you need them to deliver. Worse, they’ll start looking. And in this market, it’s increasingly difficult to recruit, train, and retain top talent.

  1. Your Customers Demand 24/7 Support

If you’re used to staffing on a M-F, 9-5 schedule, switching to 24/7 coverage is a tough mountain to climb. But here’s what’s even tougher: trying to convince your customers that they shouldn’t expect it of you – especially when they know your competition is already doing it. Adding a second and third shift is a radical change for any business and frequently, it’s simply outside the scope of the leadership team.

  1. You’d Like to Take Advantage of Near Shore Staffing

If you’ve been reading the recent research on near shore call centers, you’re probably aware that the benefits extend well beyond simple cost savings. Today, outsource providers like Skybridge Americas are able to offer highly motivated, well trained teams to deliver superior, scalable, reliable customer experience at a fraction of your in-house costs.

If you’d like to know more about how Skybridge Americas can help you meet your growth goals, delight your customers on every call, and reduce your operational costs, please reach out. We would love to talk!

-Bobby Matthews

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas


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