by Michelle Covey

The holiday season was a poignant reminder of just how much the omnichannel consumer is own-ing the retail industry.  Anything you need is available at your fingertips, 24/7 via your mobile device.

Creating a successful omnichannel presence is no easy task and there is a continued gap between what retailers can provide and what consumers expect. Today’s consumers have a low tolerance for errors and inconveniences, and the omnichannel mission becomes more critical.

Shoppers’ experiences are shared on social networks or through online product reviews, causing potentially long-lasting damage to a company’s reputation. Omnichannel shoppers are worth the extra effort because they spend an average 4% more every time they shop in a brick-and-mortar store, and spend 10% more when shopping online, according to a study from Harvard Business Review. Research also found that 40% of consumers surveyed said they are likely to buy more often from brands that they think prioritize the customer experience.

Let Skybridge Americas help you create a successful omnichannel presence to provide a WOW customer experience between your brand and your consumers. We’ve been doing this successfully for over 25 years.

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