3 Things Your Millennial Customers Need From You Now

And How Your Customer Care Team Can Deliver Them

Today, millennials are not only the biggest generation of buyers, they’re increasingly the most influential generation. They wield a lot of power. And they have a distinct set of buyer needs, preferences, and behaviors that set them apart from other generations. As numerous studies have shown, millennial buyers (those born between 1980 – 1994) are more motivated and engaged by brands that tell a compelling “story” – and provide a meaningful, satisfying experience. In fact, according to a recent Harris Group study, millennial buyers place a higher priority on “an experience” than they do on material possessions. They make many of their decisions (from applying for a job, to buying a home, to choosing a wine-of-the-month club) based on how each choice will add fun, meaning, or convenience to their everyday quality of life.

It also affects how millennials judge your brand, your products and services, and the quality of your customer care.

Is your inbound customer care team ready to meet the growing demands of this growing buyer demographic? Do you have the right team in place, the best tools, and a truly customer-centric culture?

Here are three signs:


Millennials grew up believing that, if something is working well, it’s working fast… instantly. The drive for instant gratification virtually defines this generation. When they ask you questions or request information, they believe you owe them an immediate answer – or an empathetic explanation for why you don’t. When there’s an issue, they evidence of your ability to resolve it, rapidly. They want proof that you value their time, that you appreciate the fact that, every minute they’re interacting with you is taking time away from something else they could be experiencing… so you’d best make that experience a rewarding one. How long do your customers wait in queue before being answered? How long are they on a call before getting the help or information they need? And how satisfying was the entire experience?

Values and Purpose

Millennials are notoriously purpose-driven. Job success is not measured by the paycheck alone but, increasingly by how in-sync the work is with a millennial’s values. Likewise, purchases – and the experiences they provide – are gauged by how the brand experience “fits” with a millennial buyer’s own values and sense of purpose. Is your scripting, training, and tone consistent with your brand promise of an exceptional experience? Or do your customer care agents seem disengaged from your marketing message, unaware of your – and your customers’ core values?

Connectivity and Consistency

Millennials don’t place a “higher value” on omni channel customer care. They disqualify brands that can’t provide it. This generation is wired, active on social media, highly influenced by online reviews, and intolerant of inconsistent experiences or hiccups in service delivery. They want their brand interactions with you to be easy and seamless, regardless of the device in their hand.

If you’re not meeting the needs of your millennial buyers, reach out to us at Skybridge Americas. We specialize in superior, omnichannel customer care and experience. And we would love to learn about your brand goals and challenges.

Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas


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