3 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Call Center Now

3 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Call Center Now

All businesses – from start-ups to Fortune 100 brands – have one challenge in common: as customer experience expectations continue to rise exponentially, every customer contact is a high-stakes event. To put it another way: today, every experience your customer has with your brand will not only impact that customer’s loyalty; it can also influence the potential buying decisions and loyalties of a vast online community of consumers.

At every stage of the customer lifecycle – from the first time a consumer learns you exist, through every interaction, purchase, and request for help or service –these consumers are coming to you with very clear and very high expectations.

But can you consistently meet and exceed those expectations if you’re unclear on what they are – or how to meet them? Short answer: no.

Yet, too often, there seems to be some confusion about who is actually setting the standards for CX. Here’s a fact: your customers’ expectations of you are not formed by your own beliefs or expectations of what you can reasonably deliver. Yes, you need to keep your brand promise and live up to your marketing messages.

But your customers’ expectations of you are driven much more by what they’ve been taught to expect by other consumers. Living in an online world means that now, your products – and your customer service – are evaluated according to whatever “standard of superiority” is established by online reviewers and social media influencers.

To meet this growing challenge, every aspect of your customer’s experience requires expert oversight.

So, if you’re the expert on your product or service, why are you still holding onto your own, in-house call center? Do you have the bandwidth to be a leading expert on inbound customer care? Do you have the time – and the passion – to stay up-to-date on new recruiting techniques for customer-centric agents or the training tools to create a platinum-standard customer care team? Are you a tech guru who is constantly examining new systems and technologies to improve caller experience?

You shouldn’t have to be…

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve looked at the ROI of outsourcing. Maybe you’re uncomfortable with handing over the reins to someone new. Or maybe you’re under the mistaken impression that, if you outsource, your current contact center employees would be left out in the cold.

Whatever your reasons for keeping it all in-house, consider this: your decision may be at the root of poor or plateauing CX measurements, risings costs, and declining call center employee satisfaction.

Consider what happens when you’re freed up to focus on what you do best and you bring in a partner who’s best at inbound customer care and superior CX.

1. When you outsource, you instantly Up Your CX Game.

Leading outsourcers been serving hundreds of thousands of customers, across multiple industries, and over the course of decades. It’s what we do. It’s our passion. Outsourcers, like Skybridge Americas, have established broad, deep networks of talent, recruiting skills, and highly effective training. We’ve also made the commitment to technology. Every day, we live and breathe the language of CX, loyalty, and engagement. We also keep learning new ways to drive customer satisfaction up while keeping operational costs down.

2. Outsourcers have multiple ways to lower costs.

Have your employment and occupancy costs stayed the same since you launched your business? Have they decreased? Maintaining a customer service operation is difficult, cumbersome and very expensive, especially if you’re headquartered in an area with increasing costs of living. But leading call centers know how to leverage multiple staffing options, including near shore call centers, at-home agents, even keeping your current team intact, and simply taking over the day-to-day operation. All of these options are likely to deliver significant financial savings. 

3. You gain greater continuity and scalability

What happens when you experience power outages, systems issues, or severe weather events? Your customers get the run-around and they get frustrated. But when your inbound customer care operation is outsourced to a customer care partner, that partner is able to re-route your calls to other teams capable of serving your customers.

Bobby Matthews
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Skybridge Americas


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