16 Reminders of the Importance of Customer Care

You’re in a revenue-driven business. We all are (because, let’s face it, if we’re not earning revenue, we’re not going to stay in business for long).

But sometimes, if an organization is under pressure to increase revenue, or new customers, or profitability, it can be easy to forget the critical role of the customer service team.

When I came across this selection of 16 on-the-money quotes about customer care, I thought right now was a great time to share them. As you keep ramping up to meet your 2020 revenue and profit goals, don’t forget to keep your inbound customer care team in the loop. They’re the people largely responsible for welcoming new customers and turning them into long term, happy customers. Or, to paraphrase Shep Hyken, to the customer, your care team is your company.

When you’re a part of a customer-facing team, it is easy to feel bogged down by the sheer volume of customer queries or complaints you need to resolve. C-level executives who head customer experience and customer service functions feel similar heat too, when customer ratings drop. On such days, you might have needed that extra bit of motivation to really drive you… and that’s completely normal! A shot of espresso could work one day, a pizza can do the trick on another. But how about letting yourself into some inspiration that will stand the test of time? Customer service quotes from industry leaders and CX experts could just be what you need.

We have compiled a set of great customer service quotes, from which you can consume as quick thought leadership lessons on delighting customers. These quotes about customer service will help you realize the huge positive impact you’re making on the daily lives of customers and the success of your organization. You can also find a contextual breakdown of the takeaways from each customer service quote.

16 Great Customer Service Quotes

#1 “Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” – Tony Hsieh
It’s not just your customer-facing teams that need to strive for excellence in customer service. Delighting customers should be an organization-wide commitment from every department. For instance, support agents are required to gather information from product, billing, account management, and other customer-facing teams to resolve several queries. Going by the customer service quote, when all the organizational functions are focused on customer delight, it will empower every team to go above and beyond to help each other and collaborate to solve problems for customers.

#2 “To the customer, you are the company.” – Shep Hyken
This customer service quote from renowned CX thought leader, Shep Hyken, refers to how customers judge a company based on the service and support they get from agents. As someone who interacts with customers on a daily basis, you directly influence the brand perception of your organization through the customer service you offer.

#3 “When you are making a decision about how best to serve your customers, your own experience is often a better guide than a more sophisticated analysis of the market.” – Richard Branson
Here’s your motivation to back your instincts and abilities as a customer service practitioner. You have tasted success as one only because you’re good at it, so it’s wise to bring your experience into play. And you also have the upper hand of sensing emotional cues from customers to take service conversations forward on the right path. When Richard Branson received a customer complaint about the quality of food at Virgin Atlantic, he personally had it checked himself–and actually ended up hiring the complainer as an advisor for Virgin Atlantic’s cabin food. Personal experiences can be enlightening and drive you to make crucial decisions with conviction.

#4 “To create a good product, it’s not enough if Product Managers are on support. Customer support should be on Product Management too.” – Girish Mathrubootham
Customer service as a core brand value must be inculcated across every team in your organization, from your CEO to your marketing teams and of course – your product and engineering teams. While product managers can solve a lot of use-cases when they spend some time on support, a good service culture will also push every team member to have the product knowledge to serve customer needs better.

#5 “If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.” – Jeff Bezos
This comes from Jeff Bezos, who started a customer-first revolution of his own with Amazon. Being too focused on what the competitors are doing could have you lose track of the inherent potential of your customer service. The pioneering opportunities you can identify and the gaps you can fill by being customer-focused knows no bounds. Channel the attention you pay your competitors towards your customers, and you’ll be surprised at what your customer service teams are capable of.

#6 “What is necessary is to listen to your customers: understand their needs, expectations and jobs to be done, and design an experience that meets those needs. The same goes for your employees.” – Annette Franz
Avoid leading customer service conversations into actions that are favorable to your business. Take the time to listen to your customers, personalize resolutions to their needs and expectations, and make your service (and products) easily accessible. Truly engaging with customers will also open up a lot of business opportunities through feedback.

#7 “Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if they are the only one!” – Laurice Leitao
This is a great customer service quote to draw inspiration to your work. Customer experience transformations are usually reflected at a macro level. While it could improve the overall experience of your customers, your company shouldn’t lose sight of tending to them individually. Personalization at a deeper level is what inspires customers to keep coming back to you. While handling a customer, imagine he/she is the only one left for your company–so that you can put in the efforts to make sure they stay on with your brand. That’s the kind of commitment you need to show to every customer and gain their trust and patronage.

#8 “Memorable customer service can only take place in a human-to-human situation.” – Jeffrey Gitomer
Though customer service is being managed using technology like automation, self-service, and chatbots, it will never replace the elusive and much-needed human connection that customers seek. All the memorable customer service examples you hear about feature a ‘human touch’ that elevates the entire experience. So, despite the inroads of technology–which is a great way to improve productivity–your qualities as a customer service agent who strikes a chord with customers matter the most!

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