Follow These 5 Rules and Become a Customer Service Leader

No Matter What Business You’re In… Does your customer care team deliver “Big Wow” and “Everyday Wow” moments? According to Micah Solomon in this recent Forbes piece points, customer service leaders do that. It’s part of their DNA. It’s all part of 5 core disciplines...

How to Find Out What Your Customers Really Think About Your Brand

5 Steps to a WOW Customer Advisory Board – even on a Tight Budget. There are so many ways to gather customer feedback these days. You can survey. You can ask your inbound customer service agents for insights. You can listen to calls or read transcripts. You can do the...

16 Reminders of the Importance of Customer Care

You’re in a revenue-driven business. We all are (because, let’s face it, if we’re not earning revenue, we’re not going to stay in business for long). But sometimes, if an organization is under pressure to increase revenue, or new customers, or profitability, it can be...

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Love You

They say that successful relationships are the result of continuous effort – and a solid, mutually beneficial relationship is always worth the work. This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share my top 5 tips for making your customers fall in love with your brand, over and...

Why Treat Your Patients Like Customers?

Because that’s who they really are. Delivering a powerful, positive customer experience is the biggest challenge facing every consumer facing industry today. That is especially true in the health care sector. If you doubt me, consider a recent Press Ganey study....

It’s Time to Break from the CX Pack

With Laser Focus and Lightening Speed Have you heard the phrase Customer Experience so many times that, sometimes it seem like the whole thing has gotten a bit… boring? If you are, Steve Berry at Worthix is guessing you’re not alone. In a recent article, he reflects...

5 Ways to Overcome the 2020 Customer Service Agent Shortage

Hiring top talent has been so difficult for so long now. Thanks to the U.S. labor shortage, hiring managers – in nearly every industry – are struggling to fill open positions. In 2020, it’s likely to get worse, not better. Sure, the stakes are high for every business...

3 Ways to Turn New Customers into Loyal Customers

As the leader of a growing business, you know the importance of new customer acquisition. In fact, if you’re like most of us, a hefty portion of your business plan and budget are likely devoted to bringing in new buyers. But while you’re studying the buying habits,...

Agents Who Love Your Brand Make Your Customers Love Your Brand, Too

At Skybridge Americas, we have long believed that, when our customer care agents know and love your brand, their enthusiasm shines through on every call. It’s that brand passion that, in turn, fosters greater customer brand loyalty. That philosophy is at the heart of...

5 Ways Contact Center Work is Changing in 2020

With the proliferation of AI solutions throughout the contact center industry, there has been a corresponding evolution in the role of the customer care agent. Gone are the days that agents can simply be hired for their ability to work swiftly, follow a script, and...

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