5 Success Strategies for Handling Unplanned Call Surges

Peaks and dips in call volume are a reality for every call center operation. Most volume cycles are easily anticipated, driven by the seasonality of your business or predictable market shifts. But how ready are you for the unanticipated? Extreme weather, natural...

The Secrets of CX Leaders

What the New Forrester CX Index Reveals About Your Untapped CX Opportunity The newest Forrester Index is out and, frankly, the findings are extremely eye-opening. For most U.S. brands, customer experience improvement has hit a plateau. Overall, according to the...

5 Secrets to Beating the Late Summer Slump

5 Secrets to Beating the Late Summer Slump Keep Your Call Center Agents Present, Productive, and Brand Positive, Even During the Dog Days of Summer Let’s face it, an inbound customer care center is a busy, sometimes high pressure work environment. It takes a special...

5 Easy Rules for Creating Patient Surveys

In a recent post, I covered 3 reasons every medical and dental practice should invest in patient surveying. But for many practices, especially smaller ones, making the decision to survey can be a challenging one. While the idea of asking patients how you’re doing...

Retaining Beats Recruiting, Every Time

How to Drive Higher Employee Retention in Today’s Low Unemployment In his recent article, tackling employee retention for Forbes, Mike Kappel shares his top four methods for keeping great hires onboard. One reason I like this piece so much and strongly recommend you...

From CX Expert to CX Leader

3 CX Fundamentals You Need to Know (and Do), Starting Now We live and work in an environment – and an economy – of continuously rising customer expectations. In an age of disruptors willing and able to fulfill just about every consumer whim, you face growing...

Never Make these 3 Marketing Mistakes Again

Never Make these 3 Marketing Mistakes Again Sometimes it’s all too easy to get so focused on the day-to-day minutia of running a growing business that we can lose sight of the fundamentals. Last week, I came across this wonderful piece on Forbes, written by market...

Onshore, Nearshore or Offshore

Choosing the Call Center that’s Best for You and Your Customers Finding the right outsourced call center can be a daunting challenge. Try an online search for customer service providers and you’ll get 387 million results. How can anyone sort through all of that...

3 Reasons You Need to Survey Patient Satisfaction

Start Building Patient Loyalty by Asking the Right Questions When is the last time you reached out to your patients and asked for their honest, unvarnished opinions on your practice? Let me ask that another way: When is the last time you surveyed your patients...

Is Your Call Center Ready for the 2019 Call Spikes?

How Outsourcing Makes It Easier and Less Costly to Manage Call Surges Quick question: How did your inbound call center handle call spikes last year?  I’m not just talking about the predictable, seasonal upticks in volume.  I’m also asking about last minute rushes that...

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