Skybridge Americas Recognized as a Top Ten Contact Center!

  Our Next Level Call Center Innovations are Featured in This Month's CIO Applications Magazine From CIO Applications The communications space is evolving at a faster rate and so are the needs and demands of the customers. The modern customer is aware of their...

Create Customer Surveys that Pay Off, Big Time

  8 Tips to Turn Customer Insights into Action Last time, I talked about the importance of customer surveys and the perils of proceeding surveying without a clearly defined plan. I also promised to share my favorite tips for avoiding those surveying pitfalls. Here...

Survey Fatigue?!

Why Customer Surveys are More Important – and More Risky – than Ever No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve probably noticed that your customers expectations are changing rapidly.  Often, those changes can catch you completely by surprise. Keeping up with those...

6 Benefits of In-Home Call Center Agents

The Advantages of Letting Customer Care Agents Take the Job Home When I talk with business owners about moving their customer care operation from in-house to outsourced, I find that their opinions usually fall into three camps: Camp 1: those who say they will “never”...

The Real Cost of Downtime in your Customer Contact Center

  How many times in the past year has your customer care platform experienced any unplanned downtime? How did you recover – and how quickly? More importantly, how did you examine the experience to make sure it didn’t happen again? If you’re like most of us, you...

9 Winning Traits of a Superior Call Center Agent

Running a high performance call center today is an increasingly complex responsibility. Consider how the role of the inbound customer care center leader has expanded. To run a successful operation, you must be: A Marketing Expert: Today, you can never take your finger...

The True Financial Value of a Superior Customer Experience

“What’s a great, differentiated customer experience really worth to a company?” Isn’t that the question all of us, as business leaders, ask ourselves? I know it’s the (sometimes unspoken) question at the heart of the decision making process whenever an organization is...

3 Communications Tips for Keeping Customer Care Employees Engaged

In today’s tight employment market, nurture your best talent pool. Here in the United States, we’re enjoying more than a decade of economic growth, with the most rapid wage gain rate since 2009 and historically low unemployment rates. Long-term low unemployment is,...

5 Signs You Need to Outsource Customer Service

You’ve probably had an inkling for a while now: Your current customer care process isn’t working. Calls keep coming in but your current team is either too busy, insufficiently skilled, or simply held back by old technology. Whatever the reason, poorly handled inbound...

Everything I Need to Succeed I Learned as a Customer Service Agent

5 Lessons We Can All Learn from the Voice on the Other End of the Phone Have you ever called a customer care line with a minor complaint – only to wind up more frustrated by the time you hung up? Of course you have. We all have. Now consider the repercussions of that...

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