Know the Golden Rule for Customer Service?

(Hint: it’s the same Golden Rule you learned as a kid.) I couldn’t help smiling as I read Vince Jeffs’ recent article for Customerthink, “4 Golden Rules for Knowing and Honoring Thy Customer.” In this piece, Jeffs challenges a current – but often misguided – belief...

How to Anticipate the Real Disruptors

5 Ways to Remain Competitive (No Matter What Your Competition Does) For the past several years, brands have placed increasing focus on the role and impact of disruptors. How can we anticipate the next disruption? What new, unforeseen technologies will emerge that...

Ready for the Holiday Season Call Volumes?

6 Steps You Can Take Now If You’re Not Ready or not, the holiday season is here. For many brands, “the holidays” – that stretch of time between mid-November and early January – is the most critical time of the entire year. For customers, purchasing decisions made now...

The “What’s Next” Approach to CX Success

How 4 Customer-Centric Companies are Winning with Customer Experience While many major brands today are still working on responding well to customer needs, Ryan Hollenbeck has just featured four companies who have cracked the code on anticipating those customer...

3 Steps Toward Becoming a CX Leader in 2020

I’ve found myself in several conversations lately about what it’s going to take to be a customer experience leader in 2020. Of course, every brand might approach customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability using different tactical approaches, systems and...

The Surprising Next Frontier In AI: The Human Touch

Recently, Michael Brenner, marketing leader and author of the book Mean People Suck, explored how AI is, indeed, changing how businesses and consumers interact with each other. In his Chiefmarketer article, “The AI Paradox: Why More Automation Means We Need More...

3 Ways to Re-Engage With Today’s Digital, “Silent Traveler”

3 Ways to Re-Engage With Today’s Digital, “Silent Traveler” With the exponential growth of online travel sites, today’s traveler has access to information on just about everything they need to complete a successful trip. With a couple of searches and a few clicks,...

Nightmare on Customer Service Street!

3 Scary Mistakes That Can Send Your Customers Running In her recent Forbes article, Leonie Brown does an amazing job of breaking down why customer journey mapping is critical to truly understanding how each customer touchpoint can – and does – impact the overall...

Still On the Fence about Customer Service?

Moving Forward Starts with Customer Centricity Do you remember the days when product quality – for the right price – was just about the only thing a brand had to worry about? Product quality was the dealmaker – or the deal breaker. It’s what fueled new customer...

5 Traits of Truly Great Customer Service Supervisors

Building, training, and expanding a superior customer care team never happens by accident. It’s never an afterthought. And it’s never a “nice to have.” Great customer care is intentional. It’s an investment. And it is the result of having strong supervisors at the...

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