As usual there is good velocity and innovation in the fulfillment services industry in eCommerce, automation, logistics and other areas of relevance.  We’ve pulled some of our favorite developments from the recent past to give you a flavor of what’s happening out there in the logistics world.

Explosive eCommerce Growth
Global online sales are expected to reach $2 trillion in 2016, up from less than $1 trillion in 2011. Figuring out “the last mile” may be the final profitability problem to solve in the traditionally lean eCommerce fulfillment game.

Warehouses Going Vertical
Part of winning the final mile means being as close as possible to dense urban area, where there is much less affordable, modern warehouse space. No matter, you can go vertical instead with a multi-story warehouse like Prologis is building in Seattle, which is more common in countries like Japan and Singapore.

Amazon Walks the Catwalk
Recently you may have seen Amazon’s racy apparel fulfillment advertisement featuring models delivering packages to homes across the US. Make no mistake, this means they are targeting apparel with laser like focus and are planning to grab a much bigger apparel market share (currently less than 5%). Though that hasn’t stopped upstarts like Garmentory from jumping into the fray.

Sensitive Issue Alert: Robots
Will robots ultimately replace humans in the warehouse? Well, not all, but probably 6% of them by 2021.

UPS Fun Facts

Subscription Boxes
We were going to write a state of the state on subscription boxes, whether we’re at the peak and how much of the craze is a fad, but TrueShip beat us to it. Good stuff, and safe to say that there will be winners and losers in the subscription box market, and that we probably haven’t seen the height of it just yet.

Welcome to the League
Minnesotan Jake Guentzel scored 2 goals in his NHL debut Tuesday night, scoring on his first ever shot and shift. His family was there and couldn’t believe their eyes, click here if you want to see what pure joy looks like.

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