Skybridge Americas provides custom, multi-channel fulfillment services including pick/pack/ship, warehousing, value added services such as kitting and assembly, and more, with a focus on quality, accuracy, and speed.  Our deep, dedicated client services team ensures that your account is cared for and that service levels are met day in and day out.


Pick, Pack & Ship

Skybridge Americas deploys various picking processes based on the client’s product and order characteristics, including pick-to-cart, pick-to-shipper, batch pick and case pick.

  • Orders are packaged efficiently and securely to ensure minimal damage in transit and lowest cost shipping expense. Packaging (mailers and void fill) can be client specified and customized as required.
  • Least cost carrier is selected based on shipment weight, dimensions, destination zip code and client routing preferences.

We supply a highly trained leadership team and workforce that are supplemented on a daily and seasonal basis by contract employees — to manage extreme peaks in demand while maintaining service levels, especially during the holidays.


Skybridge Americas’s warehousing operations are centrally located in a 170,000 sq.ft. facility in Greenfield, Minnesota. In addition to significant storage space, our warehouse also has dedicated staging, receiving, and order production and kitting lines.

The Skybridge Americas warehouse also features a dedicated humidity and temperature control room for more delicate product such as food and nutraceuticals.  Several secure storage options are also available for valuable product.

Kitting and Assembly Services

Many clients ask Skybridge Americas to provide value added kitting and assembly services in addition to more standard pick/pack/ship and storage, and this is an area where we have a proven track record of performance. Example kitting and assembly projects include:

  • Assembly and packaging of items from components into a saleable SKU, either pre-kitted based on work orders or built on-demand to fulfill sales orders, including package shrinking and sealing.
  • Bundling assortments of several SKUs to create higher value SKUs.
  • Point of purchase display assembly.
  • Marketing collateral high variation kitting and assembly.

Contact us today to discuss your kitting and assembly needs and how Skybridge Americas can simplify your supply chain.

Returns and Reverse Logistics

Skybridge Americas recognizes the importance of the timely and accurate handling of product returns, both from individual consumers and B2B partners. To issue a credit and return the product to stock (whenever possible) has a major impact on cash flow and customer satisfaction.

  • Returns are received, recorded, refurbished, returned to stock and reported within 48 hours from receipt.
  • Where necessary, the process can incorporate “testing” or other QA processes to ensure an item is saleable.
  • To recapture value, products can undergo refurbishment or repackaging — when resale value outweighs disposal.
  • When products are not suitable for resale, we provide appropriate disposal solutions, or we can ship them to the client or another third party.

Contact us today to discuss your returns needs and how we can simplify your order inventory management processes.