The duties of a customer care expert may vary widely, but the hallmarks of excellent customer service do not.

With automation, a globalized marketplace, constant technological churn and innovation and fierce market competition, the only stable part of a contact center agent’s job is change. In many ways, this highlights the importance of an agent’s consistency in the quality of service they provide. Customers don’t often remember the bells and whistles; instead, they remember the strength of the experience and the personal touch their agent provided.

The following five traits are cornerstones of superior customer care. By consistently honing these traits and integrating them into their service, agents can ensure happy and loyal long-term customers:


  • Empathy: There is no better way for an agent to win over a frustrated customer than by showing they understand their frustration and identify with it. This adds a personal touch to their service and makes the customer feel understood and humanized.
  • Patience: Agents will often encounter customers at moments when that person is angry or frustrated. By practicing patience, no matter how tense a situation, agents can unwind even the most difficult problems and pacify the angriest of customers, rather than exacerbating an already charged situation.
  • Enjoying the Challenge: The best employees are the ones that see a challenge and want to conquer it. This is an invaluable skill for customer care agents, as more often than not they will be tasked with a challenge they need to help a patron overcome.
  • Guiding Conversations: Agents are more in control of situations than they sometimes realize. By developing their conversational skills, agents can actually steer customers in positive directions and lead them toward satisfaction.
  • Emotional Stability: A combination of many of the traits above, emotional stability is vital for any agent in navigating tense situations or emotional customers. Being calm themselves will often, without much additional effort, help the customer be calm and feel like they have an intelligent, capable individual attending to their needs.