Social networks bridge the gap between the public and your organization by providing active, two-way communication channels geared toward building inclusive relationships. Gain positive influence and reputation across the social-Web by actively listening, engaging and sharing experiences with your audience.

Social Engagement

Skybridge Americas removes the complexities of moderating digital communities by handling daily operations for you. We provide big-data, along with strategic oversight, to produce a comprehensive solution for your brand. Several of our capabilities are value-added, because we aren’t a traditional PR or marketing agency. Click on the services and capabilities below to learn more.

Community Management

Traditional roles of marketing, PR and advertising have been turned on their heads during recent years. The World Wide Web has brought about significant changes and challenges, due to audiences having choice — choice to fast-forward through ads, research alternatives on the Web and go directly to the source for news. Consumers are becoming increasingly fickle of which brands to support — cutting down traditional attempts to influence and promote.

“56% of consumers said they are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook.” – Mashable

Two-Way Engagement

Social networks are at the forefront of this new era: offering direct audience contact and word-of-mouth sharing with family, friends, co-workers and social followings. Engaging with your social media audience involves two-way communication and personalized, direct messaging. By providing an enriched experience, there is a greater chance of the public speaking positively about your brand.

Our social media managers engage and strengthen your following by encouraging open communication — answering questions, continuing conversations and helping negative audience members find the information they seek. They also “share,” “comment,” “favorite” and “like” content generated by the public – proving that you are interested in what they think.

Page Moderation

Engagement alone isn’t enough to properly maintain social media, community management also involves moderating content. Removal of profane and abusive messaging keeps social media channels appealing to the general public — encouraging continued conversation. If necessary, we will also remove or block abusive users, which keeps the community open and inviting.

Contact Center Integration

Paired with Skybridge Americas’ customer contact solutions, community management completes the cycle of brand support. Brand agents and social media managers communicate directly with each other, in real-time, referring customers to the information they seek. Using social media to drive, or defer traffic to phone, email and live chat – providing an enhanced experience for your customers. Integration with existing operations is also a possibility, if your contact center is located elsewhere.

 Legal Compliance & Policy

We work with you to set parameters that conform to existing legal standards, or help establish new guidelines to grow your social following. Skybridge Americas takes your business seriously and continually researches policy and regulatory standards related to brand communications.

Policy is important for industries such as adult beverage, because there are specific government standards related to all communications:

Our social media team collaborates in policy research, creating an omnipotent knowledge-base to better understand the rapidly changing world of social media. All social media team members are required to contribute to this knowledge-base for 30 minutes weekly. We will clue you in to any policy updates and let you know if any content violates terms of service.


A value-added service provided to all of our partners (clients). We alert you of repeated threats that detract from your brand image and social following. Catch the upset celebrity or special interest group before they raise an “angry mob.” If anything comes across our monitoring applications, we will send direct notifications to key staff — allowing you to react to the situation effectively. We will also help you shape customized crisis messages and work with existing legal and engagement strategies, enabling quick response.

Monitor & Optimize

Using true Web-2.0 applications, we collect and archive data 24/7/365 by “listening” to social media channels in real-time. Capture public communication about your brand across the social-Web; collaborate with your customer care team to provide a “wow” brand experience; report findings to brand managers; and learn new strategies to utilize social media more effectively.

Our monitoring capabilities are scalable — we understand that one solution may not work for everyone. You choose which social media channels to focus on, depth of insights and metrics, and time spent live-monitoring by staff (unrelated to real-time data collection). Or, let our social media team make recommendations based on your goals and budget. Depending on the depth of information you’re seeking, we’ll provide a matching application and a direct quotation.

Channel Optimization

Actively monitoring social media provides actionable insights for channel optimization —

Skybridge Americas will provide feedback on how use social media more effectively:

  • Content creation and campaigns
  • Increase exposure and audience size
  • Fan, opposition, and pre/post-consumer communication
  • Branding and visual aspects — for maximum impact and continuity

Conversely, we can monitor active campaigns, or targeted messaging — creating a panoramic view of performance.


Using visual charting, or raw .CSV data, we will create custom reports and presentations to meet your deadlines. Monthly, bi-weekly and weekly reporting is available, with custom reporting included in overall cost of services.

NLP & Interpretation

Although natural language processing and text analytics can uncover sentiment and tone of messages, context is still important. Differences in culture, misspelling, slang and other “human” traits still require a guiding hand in the process — people are the best at interpreting context. Web applications streamline the process and reduce human capital required to manage social media. Applications also learn from our actions, by tagging positive, negative or neutral attribution — saving time over the long-term.

Social Media Reputation Management

Maintained reputation is a value-added outcome of affective social media management. Many agencies bill reputation management as an additional “service;” Skybridge Americas believes this is a best-practice to be included in the time spent engaging with your audience. If you opt for live support, we will maintain your reputation — no questions asked.

Social media reputation management involves:

  • Removing profane and abusive messages before they upset your audience, and sometimes the audience member from your page.
  • Advising and assisting confused or angry customers with problems — sending them to your customer service channels if needed.
  • Acknowledging those who share experiences and “build” your brand.
  • Asking for audience contribution.
  • Moderating communications on your brand’s social media properties.

Let us maintain your reputation by being your social media gatekeeper. Using live monitoring applications, Skybridge Americas proactively moderates your social properties and strengthens your reputation in the process.

Social Analytics

With increasing competition and economic pressure, how does my brand differentiate itself? How does it compare to the competition? Are we doing the right things to connect with our audience? Are we relevant? Analyzing social media is important to answering questions like these — questions that affect the bottom-line.

Skybridge Americas provides practical answers with the Five Ws of Social Media:

  • Who makes up your audience.
  • What people are saying about your brand; the health of your social presence; the competition is doing.
  • Where communication occurs based on: geolocation, social channel(s) and the greater social-Web.
  • When most communication occurs about your brand.
  • Why people are reacting to your brand; why were they inspired to communicate and share experience.
  • How the Five Ws of Social Media affect my brand image by accessing in-depth metrics and insights.

Using an applied approach, Skybridge Americas is able to analyze the true health of your social properties, the greater social-Web and competitors; providing big-data to craft more informed, strategic messages and better communicate with your audience(s).

Key Metrics

Two primary areas answer the questions social media present: Key Metrics and Social Insights.

  • Top social platforms (performance)
  • Sentiment
  • Demographics (including location)
  • Number of posts
  • Audience size
  • Share of voice
  • Reach & exposure trends
  • Languages
  • Engagement rates
  • Number of comments & likes
  • Shares, likes & retweets (any interactive function)
  • Ad ROI
  • Klout®
  • …and several others, including customized parameters
Social Insights
  • Most common terms and phrases mentioned and word clouds
  • Brand builders (advocates) and detractors – positive, neutral and negative messaging
  • Age, gender, and geolocation of audience
  • Lead generation and CRM integration
  • News articles, open blog & forum posts, and web content
  • Gain the competitive advantage by directly comparing their brand with your own
Brand Performance & Custom Reporting

Understand the demographics of your audience from a global or granular perspective and see the exact pinpoint on a map where mentions occur in real-time. Uncover what messaging strategies to apply, how current strategies are performing and where to place content for marketing and PR purposes.

Choose what matters most to you, and we will do the work:

  • Insights and metrics are processed by our social media analysts and neatly presented to your brand management team.
  • Results are provided on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis — whatever you require, we can accommodate.
  • All reports are customized, reflecting areas deemed most important; saving time crunching numbers by your team.

Our partnerships save you money on application licensing, training and hiring employees and turning raw-data into actionable insights. Based on the depth of insight you require, Skybridge Americas will provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

Social Web Analytics

Break away from the “channel level” and analyze public content across the World Wide Web — the public’s voice is in your hands.

Our industry-leading partnerships with big-data and analytics providers allow us to scour the Web for messages across more than 152-million:

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • News sources
  • Public groups
  • Opinion outlets

Granting you access to a whole new level of brand insights.

Many social media analytic applications struggle to produce statistics on this level, because they only capture data of “connected” social media accounts. Other applications require hours of manual input of rules and terms, and still struggle to aggregate global mentions.

Competitive Analytics

Research what the competition is doing, find out what the real health of their brand is, and make more informed marketing, advertising and public relations decisions. Skybridge Americas can even analyze mentions reaching back two-years from initial deployment.

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with the world’s largest data analysis companies save you thousands of dollars annually due to licensing and staffing requirements. Skybridge Americas splits licensing and staffing costs amongst all partners involved, giving both large and small organizations an equal opportunity to access true big-data.