Skybridge Americas understands that that as the pace of change continues to accelerate, companies must ensure their ideas connect with the realities of the evolving marketplace. At Skybridge Americas, we know that “change is the only constant.” Skybridge Americas uses leading technology to fuel and benefit customers, agents and brands.



SkyAssist™ is not a prerecorded messaging platform, automated ROBO call system, or a hardware solution that replaces “live agent” interaction — an agent is interacting with the customer during the entire conversation.

• Our technology substitutes the agent’s voice with sound files that are linked to programmable hot-keys.
• The agent can interject

Everyone Benefits

The customer experiences a natural conversation complete with laughing, positive affirmation, and most importantly — compelling interaction. Agents experience less fatigue, higher production, more consistent performance and increased confidence. Brands profit from increased efficiencies, happy customers and decreased attrition rates.

Complete Compliance and Regulation

• Activity and communication is recorded and archived for each call — including customer requests.
• SkyAssist complies with all FTC rules and guidelines relating to recent TSR amendments.
• All disclosures are made in entirety during every call.
• Helps eliminate agent fraud, misleading sales practices and miscommunication.

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