Skybridge Americas services are PCI compliant, ISO 9001 registered and conform to regulatory statutes, such as BSA and AML — ensuring your customers’ information is secure. We’re adamant about keeping our services on-shore, to provide the best experience possible.


Inbound & Outbound Call Services

By providing the opportunity to communicate directly with your brand, service continues after the initial sale. Our focus is helping customers through dedicated support – building long-term relationships and promoting your brand, services and products during the process. Tailor an experience that aligns your aspirations, with those of the customer.

Skybridge Americas has over 30 years of experience in the customer service industry, working with Global® ranked organizations, industry leaders and small/mid-size operations.

Multilingual Onshore Agents

Skybridge Americas offers facilities in the United States and Canada — creating a transparent extension of your brand. With an understanding that North America is becoming increasingly diverse. Skybridge Americas provides experienced brand agents that speak English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese – catering to the majority of North American residents. We can also accommodate additional languages, if necessary. Our footprint provides neutral dialect agents to support any program in North America.

Billing, Banking, Order Management and Card Support

Skybridge Americas handles banking, cardholder support, customer billing, orders and payment processing. To ensure your customers are kept safe and operations meet regulatory standards, we are ISO 9001-2000 certified, PCI compliant and a registered TPSP, conforming to:

Compliance Solution

Skybridge Americas is proud to provide an innovative solution to drive compliance adherence, SkyAssist.  SkyAssist is an agent driven, customer interaction platform that…

  • Delivers a great member experience – perfect script compliance and agent protocol on every call
  • Provides improved call control and greater AHT consistency
  • Enables staffing elasticity to help you respond to spikes in call volume while protecting the consumer experience
Advanced IT Infrastructure

Customer service operations aren’t complete without the application of advanced technology. Skybridge Americas has dedicated IT and operations teams that do the research for you, or help integrate with existing systems. We offer recommendations based on needs, including:

  • Digital solutions,
  • cloud analytics,
  • CRM (customer relationship management),
  • CRM integration,
  • training,
  • service desk and endpoint management,
  • virtual agent,
  • social media integration,
  • workforce management,
  • QA and reporting,
  • telecommunications,
  • and in-home agents.

As part of a comprehensive customer care strategy, it is recommended to put reporting and QA methods in place. This is to better understand operational performance; the “health” of your brand and the “voice” of your customers. KPIs are delivered in real-time can be accessed by your brand management team from anywhere in the world.

Working with your leadership team, we will establish or supplement existing KPIs (including, but not limited to):

  • Service level (phone or email),
  • abandon rate,
  • ASA (Average Speed of Answer),
  • AHT (Average Handle Time),
  • email service level,
  • email per-hour,
  • quality,
  • live chat agent performance,
  • and your custom metrics.
Email Support

Offering email support saves time on both ends — reducing operating costs during the process. Better serve your customers with email support, by:

  • Answering billing-related questions
  • Tracking orders
  • Technical and product support
  • Customer feedback and surveys
  • Recalls and defective products
  • Scripting responses to fit your business model and contact needs
  • Promotional offers/marketing.
  • A “captive audience” for discreet up-selling and promotions
  • Tracking contact history, customer needs and complaints
  • The customer is able to have detailed instructions, or information, on-hand and digitally archived
Added Benefits of Email Support

Email support provides several added benefits:

  • A “captive audience” for discrete up-selling and promotions
  • Tracking contact history, customer needs and complaints
  • The customer is able to have detailed instructions, or information, on-hand and digitally archived
Global Brand Support

Email can be accessed 24-hours-a-day, anywhere in the world, making it easier to communicate freely. Produce scripted templates for frequent use, or offer candid communications between brand agent and customer. Skybridge Americas will work with your organization to meet operational and legal standards, ensuring your customer and brand are properly represented.

Skybridge Americas provides several integrated email support services to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Live Chat

Live chat provides an interactive, two-way dialogue between your brand agent and the customer, in real-time.

Chat has a variety of applications and can improve customer experience in ways other services can’t:

  • It boosts conversion rate by being directly involved during POS — ensuring potential customers, become repeat customers. Agents also have a unique opportunity to upsell or cross-sell products and services.
  • Live chat can be integrated into Web and mobile services, allowing remote access from anywhere in the world.
  • Cases can be resolved on the spot, without leaving your Web page or mobile app.
  • Customer data can be collected and archived to track KPIs and agent performance. Agents can be graded at the end of a chat session directly, in a simple and efficient manner.
  • Relieves call queue and hold-times for the customer — saving you money and increasing ROI.

Most importantly, live chat relieves stress and fatigue your brand agent team may experience during periods of high contact volume.

Skybridge Americas can deploy and staff live chat support, or integrate with existing operations.


Done properly, interactive voice response (IVR) reduces the time required for call resolution; enhances the customer’s experience; and reduces operating costs.

We take time to fully understand your objectives and create applications that are easy to use and quick to understand.

With Skybridge Americas IVR, your customers will never become lost in an endless loop of poorly scripted options — creating a true “self-service” environment, without having to staff brand agents 24-hours-a-day. Our IVR systems are designed not to upset callers, make their lives easier and produce results.

Self-service is used by many industry-leading brands and is perfect for:

  • Checking balances,
  • acquiring general information,
  • account status,
  • frequently asked questions (FAQ),
  • shipping and order tracking,
  • and prepping callers before speaking to a brand agent.

Although IVR is an effective way to handle a variety of inbound calls, some customers may require additional assistance from a brand agent.

Brand Insights

Skybridge Americas’ live agents offer callers the opportunity to be transferred to the IVR system — for a follow-up survey of their opinions on your products and/or services. When compared to consumer initiated surveys, those initiated by an agent have a higher participation rate. Skybridge Americas’s in-house platform facilitates IVR, and offers the advantage of gathering information while it’s “fresh.”

Global Partnerships

Skybridge Americas also partners with a global IVR supplier to provide enhanced capacity and services. This partner maintains 5,000 IVR ports in North America and provides enhancements in capabilities and services.

Digital FAQ and Self-Serve

Outside of IVR, Skybridge Americas can help your brand structure a blog or FAQ forum that answers basic inquiries – at the same time driving Web traffic to targeted areas, by using your blog or forum as a landing page.