Skybridge America’s call center capabilities allow it to offer best in class services. Our customer service agents will also build your brand by retaining existing customers, promoting services or products and provide a positive experience — ultimately growing your business in the process. Skybridge Americas offers exceptional customer service agent training and contemporary technology to round off its capabilities.


Technical Support

Service Desk and Endpoint Management

Skybridge Americas’ Twin Cities location serves as your point of contact for all technical support solutions. Our service desk team has a 70 percent first call resolution (FCR) rate, and would be considered a Tier 2 outfit in most organizations. We strive to hire IT professionals that can resolve a majority of tech support problems in Tier 1, before moving down the support chain.

End-to-end technical support services include:

  • 24×7 live help desk/service desk support,
  • PC and Mac management,
  • proactive monitoring,
  • malware, spam and virus protection,
  • Windows™ and application patches,
  • mobile device support,
  • OS image management,
  • backup services,
  • and secure remote control.

Workstation Backup

Automated workstation backup removes the headache created by lost data and attempted recovery. Skybridge Americas provides a comprehensive, non-intrusive solution that houses your data in a physically secure, controlled environment:

  • Protect management and mobile workforce devices 24/7/365.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of multi-platform support services.
  • Efficient disaster recovery protection, with multi-user authorization capabilities.
  • Decrease IT workload with end-user file restoration.
  • Centrally manage company backup policies.
  • Save money, simplify support and gain complete data protection

Our automated backup service provides the highest levels of security available:

  • All data is encrypted at the device, using government-level 256-bit, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or 448-bit Blowfish.
  • Enterprise data remains encrypted during transmission and in storage.

Access can be granted on a user basis, to allow for self-service data recovery — saving your in-house IT team time.


Skybridge Americas has developed a repeatable sales method focused on the relationship-building process, while boosting ROI. Our agents promote brands by highlighting how a particular product or service would benefit the customer, while taking the time to listen to the customer’s needs or comments about their purchase.

Agents are placed on sales teams that emphasize friendly competition and professional growth. Each team is headed by an experienced sales coach that provides continual feedback for increased performance. Our agents receive ongoing, personalized training from call review sessions, to self-led modules.

We provide the following services in both B2B and DTC segments: sales (inbound & outbound), surveys, lead and list generation, abandoned shopping cart follow-ups, product offerings, sampling, demos and satisfaction correspondence.

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Business-to-business (b2b) outbound marketing

Our outbound B2B services are unique in the telemarketing space, because the primary emphasis is placed on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and customer loyalty.

Building on decades of experience, we’ve found that understanding our clients’ business models and unique value propositions is the first step during implementation. These aspects are translated into the sales approach, along with customized go-to-market strategies — leading to success in the B2B sector.

  • Skybridge Americas executes a proprietary selling methodology to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and sales performance.
  • Relationship specialists are trained and encouraged to have an open conversation during the call or in the personalized message.
  • Live chat, email and phone services can be used to connect with your audience. We can also implement social media channels, such as LinkedIn, into your campaign.

Emphasis is placed on consultative, service-to-sales practices that tap into the customer’s needs and expectations — a value-added approach that is conducive to upselling, cross selling and promotional activities. Ultimately, increasing revenues and customer satisfaction.

Our relationship specialists use the latest cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) applications to track the sales process, monitor conversion rates, and generate qualified leads that end in a sale. These applications are also used by management to track KPIs, such as: rate of contact, response time and clicks from sales follow-up emails.

  • We can build scripts that exceed industry standards and comply with regulatory requirements, when applicable.
  • 100% call recording is used to ensure best-practices and agent performance. Screen capture can also be implemented for QA and monitoring.

Other activities can include: lead generation, surveys, abandoned shopping cart follow-ups, product sampling and demos, product offerings and satisfaction correspondence.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Outbound Telemarketing

DTC practices are closely related to those used in our B2B programs. Our goal is to build a relationship with the customer on a personal level, ensuring future loyalty to your brand.

  • Performance is tracked using the latest CRM applications on the market. We track KPIs that matter to your bottom line, such as: conversion rate, rate of contact and follow-up, lead response time, email click rate and a variety of live chat metrics.
  • Agents are continually trained and are placed on teams to increase performance.

We are now offering a new contact center solution called SkyAssist, that helps streamline the telemarketing process, assure compliance and increase agent efficiencies. If you’d like to learn more, a one-page overview is available under Related Content.

Inbound Sales

We strive to find the best possible solution for the customer and your organization. Several techniques are used as standard during the account management process.

Up-Selling: Offering an additional product or service to enhance the solution of a customer’s concern, or further benefit their needs.

Cross-Selling: Offering an additional product that corresponds with an item, or pairs with a service the customer has already agreed to purchase.

Down-Selling: Offering a product or service at a lower cost to the customer which still fulfills their needs, or resolves their concern.

SOS: Save of sale, AKA stop saves, are used to re-sell a product when a return or cancellation is attempted. Agents offer a solution to the issue or another option, to better meet the customer’s needs. This is an opportunity to turn a disappointed or departing customer into a bragging customer.

Skybridge Americas regularly trains agents in sales tactics and skills, ensuring your product or service is properly promoted:

  • Excellent product knowledge,
  • confidence,
  • being able to provide features and benefits of the product to the customer,
  • active listening,
  • and quality customer service.
Placing Orders and Order Support

Skybridge Americas is fully-licensed to perform customer account functions. Our services conform to government regulations, such as: AML, BSA and US Patriot Act. Our Tier I and Tier II brand agents are annually recertified — ensuring your customers’ information is secure.

Placing Orders

The most common reasons customers contact a representative related to ordering, are:

  • A brand may not offer the option to place an order online (mail-order, catalogue, promotional offer, etc.).
  • The customer can’t access the internet to complete the order themselves.
  • They attempted on the Web and had trouble placing the order, or they had a technical problem and required additional support.
  • Questions about a product or service before placing an order and would like clarification.
  • The customer doesn’t trust the internet in general — data security or other reason(s).

Services provided by a brand agent include:

  • FAQs — commonly asked questions about the product or service.
  • Obtaining or providing billing and shipping information.
  • Calculating tax and shipping cost(s) and assist with payment methods.
  • The ability to up, cross, and down sell to help increase order value and deliver a positive experience in the process.
  • Provide the customer with shipment methods.
  • Provide confirmation numbers and emails to customers, so they are able to track orders.
  • Qualify (or disqualify) customers: age, serviced locations, credit card only, subscriptions and club programs.
  • Provide additional reference information: customer service 800-numbers, website, chat and social media.
Order Support

Order support is assisting the customer from the point of placing an order, to the point of usage, and anything in-between. Our brand agents make sure that your customers get the assistance they expect.

Key features of supporting an order include:

Tracking: Where is my order; when will I receive it; can I check this myself online? We assist by providing customers information based on carrier tracking information. If no tracking is available, we provide applicable time frames and when to potentially expect delivery.

Buyer’s Remorse & Order Cancellations: Should a customer decide that they no longer wish to purchase an order, we can assist them with cancellation before it’s shipped; as well as refund and cancel pre-authorizations or payments. This can be beneficial to both parties, because it spares shipping and processing fees and maintains a positive brand image.

Non receipt of orders: Correcting any mistakes in the order, as well as verifying via tracking number if lost in transit; if necessary, sending out a replacement ASAP. We can begin the affidavit process (when applicable) as well as identify trends, such as damaged items or frequently missing items.

Replacing broken/missing items.

Updating Credit Card Information: Skybridge Americas can update expired cards and reprocess declined payments; explain what a charge is for to the customer and change cards, if needed.

Processing Returns: Unhappy customers that would like to return a product begin the process with an agent. The agent then issues a return number(s) and address, along with a deadline for return eligibility. Agents emphasize the value of the product and promote benefits, to reduce subscription cancellations and product returns.

Assisting with Order Continuities: Start and stop orders for customers; explain charges and payment plans; and update address if customer moves, etc.

General Inquiries: The ability to refer customers to customer service for product-related questions.


According to the PEW Research Center, 38 million Americans speak Spanish. Out of that population, 35 million spanish-speakers are of Latin American heritage.

What do statistics like these represent? In most cases, they represent sales of products or services and the related customer support chain. Leading brands have embraced this change; reaping the benefits of providing a multilingual, multicultural experience in the process.

We speak five languages at Skybridge Americas: English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese — catering to most North American residents. If needed, we can staff and train brand agents in additional languages that target niche audiences.

The majority of our multilingual brand agents are bilingual, allowing for flexible and efficient operations — meaning that one agent can service two separate customer service channels during their shift.

Staffing & Training

Staffing and training a competent customer service team can be a daunting task, costing thousands of dollars per-employee. This is especially true due to current economic hardships – where operations have been paired back to a minimum. Staffing and training are two of the top challenges facing the customer support industry today.

Outsourcing your customer service operations not only saves money, but time that could be spent elsewhere. Skybridge Americas has over 25 years of experience staffing, training and deploying customer service representatives, or “brand agents,” as we call them.

Take advantage of our existing infrastructure, licensed services, operations and human resources teams — saving you time and money on:

  • Hardware and software;
  • job listings, screening, interviews, and orientation;
  • recruitment and staffing agencies;
  • medical and related benefits;
  • training and associated costs;
  • and hiring of experienced management.
Hiring Process
Candidates are pre-screened for culture fit and the experience level required – undergoing various testing which includes, but is not limited to:
  • PC skills assessment
  • Grammar, spelling, keyboarding assessments
  • Simulated call testing, audio and written
  • Email and chat testing
  • Language/bilingual proficiency testing (oral and written) if required

Results from testing are then rated and ranked. Top candidates are brought on-site for an information session with the account team, where they learn more about the brand and ask questions. Skybridge Americas provides candidates the opportunity to Y-connect to live calls and tour the facility — so they are fully aware of job duties and expectations.

Variable Staffing

Our variable staffing models and relationships with staffing agencies ensure quick response for special projects and crisis situations.

Recently, a partner issued a voluntary recall affecting all of North America, Skybridge Americas responded by:

  • Hiring and training 80 new agents within 72-hours
  • Achieving service level goals
  • Managing 10,000 contacts during initial launch

Training is continual and required to develop staff into top performers. A well-trained brand agent can retain customers and provide the type of service that leaves a lasting impact – affecting your organization over the long-term.

Training can be broken into the following categories:

  • New-hire, acculturation, and introductory
  • Self-led digital modules
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Coaching, team, and one-on-one sessions
Call Recording, Monitoring and QA

Recording calls for quality assurance is now an industry standard. Call monitoring ensures that brand agents maintain consistent contact quality and perform to customer expectations. Brand insights can also be gathered by analytics dashboards that display metrics in real-time.

Staff Training

Skybridge Americas translates recorded information into weekly feedback sessions with all brand agents — tightening communications and sharpening skills. Managers assign self-lead training modules, or other activities based on call conduct.  Additionally, call monitoring offers brand agents an opportunity to listen to their performance and better understand how they communicate.

Brand Insights

Besides training purposes, call monitoring offers valuable insights about your brand; directly from the people that matter most – customers.

Customer insights can indicate interest in additional services that may not be provided, or information about why they like or dislike your brand. Call monitoring offers brand insights beyond routine KPIs.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Skybridge Americas has several solutions for performing and tracking quality scores.  Currently, we utilize an in-house developed system and database for recording, reviewing and tracking each agent’s quality.  A centralized system that records calls and desktop screens is available upon request. This optional system also tracks individual quality forms for each agent and has full reporting capabilities. Using an advanced QA method is optimal for in-home agents, because it assures consistent performance.

Data Security, Compliance, and Metrics

Skybridge Americas maintains PCI Level One security. Additional, external quality programs include ISO 9001- 2000 and various client-driven quality initiatives. Clients receive daily service level and abandon metrics.


Real-time metrics and historical reports are powered by industry-leading applications from Avaya, Verint and VMware — allowing brand managers to monitor:

  • Service level percentage,
  • abandon percentage,
  • forecast percentage,
  • average speed of answer,
  • average handle time,
  • schedule adherence and others.

All metrics are reported multiple times daily and can be remotely accessed in real-time.

Workforce Management

Workforce management is the cornerstone of any contact center. The ability to effectively schedule brand agents and forecast call volume is important to overall performance. Skybridge Americas employs a full-time staff dedicated to workforce management and related operations. We avoid over and under-staffing your team, to make sure operations run smoothly.

Our advanced metric and reporting suites allow your brand management team to view KPIs in real-time. Use data collected to uncover key statistics about your brand and its performance. We will work with you to establish methodology and a customized deck based on reporting requirements.

How we integrate workforce management solutions for you:

  • CRM (customer relationship metrics) in real-time
  • Precisely forecast service levels to meet staffing and scheduling demands
  • Centralize management of contacts and monitor KPIs in real-time
  • Automatically route contacts to the according brand agent using intelligent routing
  • Link in-home agents centrally via encrypted IP connection
  • Create performance scorecards and custom dashboards that meet your needs

Your benefits:

  • Save money on staffing and operations from an analytical approach
  • Meet the needs of your client — uncovering when and why they call
  • Trend and analyze contacts to diagnose the health of your brand
  • Coordination between all of your brand agents and brand managers
  • Happier customers that speak with the right brand agents
  • Gain control and understand the latest CRM trends
Industry Partnerships

Leverage our industry leading partnerships and infrastructure to save time and money. We provide access to the most powerful workforce management solutions on the market:

  • Avaya
  • Verint
  • VMware
Remote Link

Skybridge Americas can link to existing systems via VPN (Virtual Private Network) — offering security and simplicity for managing workflow.